The Council will discuss City’s participation in filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to respond to the Mobilitie, LLC Petition for Declaratory Ruling and the FCC request for comment on streamlining deployment of small cells and distributed antenna systems (DAS) infrastructure, including installation of poles and antennas on public land, to support continued local government control of the rights-of-way.

A DAS system involves placing an antenna on an existing pole or on a pole to be installed.

A number of cities, including the City of Bowie have adopted an ordinance supporting DAS infrastructures. Staff is also engaging with Mobilitie to attempt to negotiate placement, attachment and height of the DAS to minimize the effect on neighboring properties.

A number of applications have been received to date, along with plans for installation of poles up to 75 feet in height. Three City locations, all in residential areas, have been identified, including one at the intersection Paducah Road and Palco Place in Sunnyside. This network can support a variety of technologies and services that require connectivity to the internet, including, but not limited to, driverless and connected vehicles (commercial, personal and agricultural), remote weather stations and mobile service providers.

These transport utility poles and facilities are not dedicated to any particular customer, and, to the extent capacity on the structures is available, are available to be used by other entities within College Park.

The cost of legal fees to prepare and develop the filing is up to $5,000.