A few months ago, I requested the City Council to discuss a Commemorative Bench Program in College Park. The program would provide residents with an opportunity to honor the lives of their family or friends by purchasing a commemorative bench and plaque that would be installed on City property.

In addition to providing residents with a way to honor a loved one, commemorative benches contribute to the beauty and character of the City’s landscape and enhance the visitor experience.

According to staff, the cost of the Commemorative Bench, plaque and installation would be paid for by the requesting party. The estimated cost of the commemorative bench fitted with a bronze plaque and installation would be approximately $2,500.

According to the staff proposal, the application process will include

  • Requests will be made by application
  • Orders will be placed semi-annually
  • Seasonal installations, weather permitting
  • 4 x 6 solid bronze plaque with 4 lines of text
  • Victor Stanley Bench will have a factory warranty of 10 years

The placement process will include:

  • Allow 10-14 weeks for delivery of the bench
  • The applicant will be notified prior to installation
  • Benches will become the property of the City when installed
  • City reserves the right to move or remove a bench in disrepair