At last week’s meeting, the Council discussed whether to put the question of extending Council term from two-years to four-year to the voters as a non-binding advisory question on the November ballot.

Early this year, the City established a Charter Review Commission (CRC) to hear from our residents on the benefits and concerns associated with changing the length of the term for elected officials from two to four years, and on the benefits and concerns related to staggering those terms or having them run concurrently. Recently, the Committee published its report, which can be found here on City’s website.

The Commission held two public forums, one at the City Hall, and another at Davis Hall early this year. Additionally, it took feedback through the City website. In total, we received 82 comments in opposition to a change from two-year terms, 10 comments in support of a change to a four-year term, and two comments that addressed issues not directly relevant to the term length.

Though a significant majority of responses (87%) was against the Council’s term extension proposal, a referendum might give us a better picture of the overall residents’ view.

Council members discussed placing two questions on the ballot: 1) to direct staff to develop the wording of the ballot question, and once that language is drafted, 2) to approve the ballot language.

Since ballots are sent to the printer at the end of September, the Council will need to approve of the ballot language by September 17. The Council will discuss the item again at the August 7 worksession.