At tomorrow night’s meeting, the City Council will vote on a proposed regulation of short-term rentals in College Park. The City Council will also host a public hearing on this item at the beginning of the meeting. You can join the meeting via zoom here:

The Council has discussed these regulations over the past year.

Currently, the city treats short-term residential rental properties the same as long-term ones. However, at the Council meeting on October 3, 2023, they introduced Ordinance 23-O-09, which proposes to treat short-term rental properties differently, aligning them more with Prince George’s County short-term rental rules. This new ordinance includes provisions for notifying nearby properties and allows residents or property owners within 300 feet to challenge the information provided in a short-term rental license application. These changes are stricter than the county’s requirements.

The City Attorney has confirmed that the city has the legal authority to distinguish between short and long-term rentals and can require short-term rental platforms to register. The city can also adopt county laws by reference, similar to what it has done with the County Building Code.

Under the proposed Ordinance, corporations or LLCs are not eligible to be considered owners or obtain a short-term rental license. Additionally, tenants cannot individually obtain short-term host licenses, unless the property owner, who is also a short-term host, grants consent.

The amended language in the ordinance removes provisions that are not applicable, consolidates two notice sections, and ensures compliance with the new regulations.