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City Considering to Acquire Rhode Island Ave in North College Park

In north College Park, the City has invested in two major projects along Rhode Island Avenue, namely the Hollywood Streetscape Project and Rhode Island Avenue Buffered Bike Lane Project.

These two projects prompted a discussion with Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation about the transfer of the road from the County to the City, as the ownership will facilitate the implementation of current and future projects. Negotiations have resulted in a proposed Road Transfer Agreement. The salient terms are:

(a) The County will prepare a quitclaim deed that conveys Rhode Island Avenue between Paducah Road and Greenbelt Road (MD 430).

(b) The City will accept ownership, to the extent transferable by the County, jurisdiction and regulatory authority over, and maintenance of, the road including all streetlights, traffic signs, bus shelters, the traffic signal, and related equipment at the intersection of Rhode Island Avenue and Edgewood Road, and the stormwater management quality facility at the southwest corner of Rhode Island Avenue and Edgewood Road.

(c) The County will resurface the road between University Boulevard (MD 193) and Muskogee Street and Niagara Road and Paducah Road on or before November 30, 2021 and restripe the road between MD 193 and Muskogee Street in accordance with plans provided by the City.

(d) The County will continue to be responsible for the repair, maintenance, and replacement of any existing storm drain system in the road, with the exception of the referenced stormwater management water quality facility. (e )The County will provide a copy of all maintenance and warranty records for the appurtenances within the road and technical assistance, as needed, for one year following the transfer.

(f) Maryland State Highway Administration user funds for the road will be allocated to the City beginning July 1 of the year following the date of transfer.

(g) The effective date of transfer of the road to the City will be upon conveyance and City acceptance of a quitclaim deed. Because the conveyancing process includes certain ownership rights, the deed should be approved by an Ordinance. The Public Works Director and City Engineer have reviewed the proposed Agreement and indicated that traffic signal maintenance is estimated to be $20,000/year, resurfacing will be needed every 20 years, restriping will be needed every 3-4 years, and snow removal funding will need to be budgeted.


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  1. Harvy

    So what exactly is the status of the Hollywood Streetscape project?

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Hello Harvy, We’re currently waiting to get the construction permit from the DPIE. Our permits will be released once the permit fees are calculated and paid, bonds obtained & a pre-construction conference with the County is held. All of this is currently in the works. This is good news. Thanks for your patience!

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