As you recall, a few months ago, we ran a survey in the community aboutthe idea of building a community garden in north College Park. Among the top choices, many of the survey responders liked the idea of having the proposed community garden next to the dry cleaner at the corner of Rhode Island Avenue and Edgewood Road, at 9900 Rhode Island Avenue.

Accordingly, we reached out to the property owner who appears willing to allow a garden to be created in that area. Potentially, the owner may also allow gardeners to make use of a water spigot on the building if the City will provide reimbursement for garden water usage costs.

According to staff, garden plots could be created in the flat, grassy area behind the building. Approximately 15-20 plots could fit using the same type of 4’ x 10’ raised bed garden plots created for the Old Town community garden. For this garden, staff proposes connecting three plots together, separated into 5 rows and providing 3’ walkways between them to comfortably fit 15 shade-free plots on that site. The site could possibly accommodate up to 20 plots while maintaining 3’ wide walkways and avoiding deeply-shaded areas.

Staff and the City City Attorney will need to develop a MOU for the property owner since this site is private property. Funding ($ 2640 ) could potentially come from the City’s Sustainability Initiatives CIP.

The Council will have a preliminary discussion about the proposed garden at tomorrow’s Council worksession.