The City Council spent a good part of April 8 and April 22 Saturdays reviewing the City manager’s proposed FY2018 budget. The total proposed budget is $19.8 million, compared to last year’s amended budget of $18.0 million. You can see an overview of this year’s budget here on the City’s website.

At the two worksessions, we made a couple of changes to the proposed budget. Here are a few important items in the draft amended FY18 budget

  • $1 million for the Hollywood streetscape project (mainly to do the wellness circuit around MoM’s shopping center)
  • $75,000 for a dog park
  •  $50,000 for the City’s Homeownership Grant Program
  • $50,000 for the City-University Partnership (CPCUP)  Homeownership Grant Program
  • $20,000 to CPCUP for an additional administrative staff person (UMD will also provide $20,000; this is an annual request and as a result the City’s annual contribution to CPCUP will be $145,000),
  • $20,000 for the Homeowners Resource Fund
  • $10,000 to improve acoustics at the Youth and Family Services meeting room
  • $10,000 to add a bus shelter on Rhode Island avenue at the Indian Ln. / Fox street intersection
  • $3000 to post street signs for the farmers market.

Other key elements in the budget include backyard composting by City residents, a plan to offer yard waste bins for sale to residents, increased funding for City grants to kids attending summer camps at the University of Maryland, and additional staff to help with landscaping the City!

At tomorrow’s meeting the Council will introduce the budget ordinance at the Council meeting and schedule the Public Hearing for May 9.