Serve your community, lend your talents, and meet your neighbors. The following advisory boards have vacancies:

  • Advisory Planning Commission
  • Bee City USA
  • Board of Election Supervisors
  • Education Advisory Committee
  • Tree and Landscape Board

Interested in volunteering? Please complete and submit an application to or to your City Council representative by January 17, 2022. The Mayor and Council will make appointments on January 25, 2022.

The City is currently seeking volunteers for:

Advisory Planning Commission
Individuals interested in serving on the Advisory Planning Commission should have a City-wide perspective and interest in planning and housing issues; a track record of civic-mindedness from work on other City projects or committees and some knowledge of the planning and development process and related laws and procedures.

Bee City USA
Individuals interested in serving on Bee City must enhance community awareness of urban pollinators in the City of College Park. The Committee will follow the guidelines established by Bee City USA to maintain the City’s affiliation with this organization.

Board of Election
Supervisors Individuals interested in serving on the Board of Election Supervisors should have interest and expertise in the overall process of local elections.

Education Advisory Committee
The purpose of the Education Advisory Committee is to support, strengthen and promote the schools that College Park students attend.

Tree and Landscape Board
Individuals interested in serving on the Tree and Landscape Board should have interest and expertise in gardening, landscaping, surrounding environment, trees, and wildlife habitat.

For additional information on City advisory boards, please visit our website at

[City of College Park]