City Map

In last night’s session, the Council passed a resolution to form a redistricting commission to study if the current election districts should be restructured based on the Census 2010 data.

The city currecntly has four districts, each having 2 council members.

Earlier last week, the Council decided to handle redistricting in two phases.  A proposal by Mayor Andrew Fellows to have at-llarge districts or student council was put on hold until the next election. Each councilmember will be able to select one resident to serve on the Commission, and the Mayor will be able to select two.  An eleventh member will be selected by the Student Government Association at the University of Maryland. 

The Commission will have until May 31, 2011, to develop at least three redistricting plans to submit to the Mayor and Council.  The Council will then select the plan that will be used in next year’s election.