In August 2023, the University of Maryland shared its updated Master Plan with the City Council. Recently, the Finance Committee of the University System of Maryland Board of Regents gave its nod to the University’s 2023 Campus Facilities Plan. This presentation prompted subsequent talks with Senator Rosapepe and City officials regarding the University’s anticipated student enrollment figures. There’s a mutual interest between the City and the University to boost homeownership. Engaging in regular discussions about enrollment forecasts will ensure everyone is prepared for potential shifts.

At last week’s meeting, the City Council approved to send a letter addressed to the Board of Regents Chair expresses gratitude for the University’s presentation and advocates for an annual collaboration with the University to evaluate and discuss enrollment predictions.

The draft letter reads the following:

Dear Chair Gooden,

The City Council was pleased to receive the University of Maryland Master Plan Update and to review the “Draft University of Maryland 2023 Campus Plan” document. I would like to express our gratitude to the Board of Regents Finance Committee for approving a 2023 Campus Facilities Plan that aligns with the Board-approved student enrollment.

As outlined in the University District 2030 Vision, which has received endorsements from the City, University, and the 21st District delegation, we all share a vision for a vibrant college town. This vision encompasses students, faculty, staff, and other residents. As you are aware, both the City and University are actively pursuing initiatives to safeguard and expand homeownership in College Park. Considering the implications of student enrollment on the residents of surrounding neighborhoods, we propose establishing an annual collaborative process to review and discuss student enrollment in College Park, both online and at regional higher education centers. The College Park City-University Partnership, funded collaboratively by both the City and University and featuring board appointments from both institutions, could serve as a platform for these discussions or assist in facilitating them in other capacities.


Fazlul Kabir, Ph.D.