At last night’s Council meeting, The Council approved a letter asking the SHA to improve a number of roads within College Park boundary.

On October 10, 2017, a representative from Maryland State Highway Administration gave a presentation to the City Council about ongoing projects in the City.

Council requested that a follow-up letter be sent to SHA to memorialize the City’s requests and concerns expressed during the presentation.

Regarding US 1 between IKEA Way and Cherry Hill Road, the Council asked that SHA continue to address capacity issues and the blockage of the intersections on US 1 at these locations. It also asked to post  “Do Not Block” signs at the intersection of Edgewood Road and Route 1.

Regarding the Greenbelt Road at Rhode Island Avenue (please see below), the letter asks the SHA to explore a raised median for pedestrian refuge and also to consider hiring line marking contractors like to establish safe driving guidelines for this location. The letter also asks a presentation at a future Council Worksession or a civic association meeting for neighborhood stakeholders regarding MD 193 at Rhode Island Avenue.