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City Asks SHA to Fix the Failed Rt1 / Edgewood Intersection

At last night’s Council meeting, the City Council approved a letter asking the State Highway Administration (SHA) to address the traffic / congestion issues at the Rt 1 / Edgewood Road intersection.

City’s request includes funding to be programmed in the CTP for safety improvements at the I-495 at US 1 Interchange.

City residents and other motorists routinely experience significant back-ups, delays and intersection blockages at Route 1 and Edgewood Road. Additionally, pedestrians crossing from the community to shopping located on the west side of US1 are peril when they pass through this intersection. The intersection is highly traveled by commuters, City residents and visitors to UMD and the City of College Park.

As designed, the intersection is confusing when there is light traffic and exasperating during peak hour periods when large numbers of cars exit from I-495 onto the already heavily congested US1. This failing intersection is a serious safety concern for the city and an impediment to the growth of the US1 corridor.

As part of the October 2014 Safety and Spot Improvements Program, the intersection was identified for improvements through a Candidate Safety Improvement Sections (CSIS) report. The purpose of the project as stated in SHA documents, was to solve issues related to a high concentration of rear-end and sideswipe crashes on the mainline and collector distributor (CD) lane merge areas, as well as rear-end collisions at US 1 and Edgewood Road in both directions.

Over time the project focused improvements on the ramps entering and exiting I-495 and not on US1 improvements. On September 19, 2017, the City received a letter notifying us that the entire project had been canceled. The letter stated that a further review of accident reports showed that these were occurring on I-495 and not the CD ramps, and that it was not the intent of the project to improve operations along US 1.

[Photo: courtesy of Christina Toy]


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  1. DAK4Blizzard

    To confirm, the US-1/I-495 interchange project got cancelled? If so, that’s a mistake in my mind. There are real safety issues with those ramps, particularly in terms of merging onto the inner loop. Possibly they’ll reconsider if and when Route 1 up that way gets reconstructed. Whatever decade that might be in.

    Meanwhile I appreciate your effort to seek improvements at Edgewood Road. As I’ve mentioned before, lighted crosswalks could be useful to help drivers recognize potential pedestrians when it’s dark. I could see the SHA pushing back simply because there is a basic plan to reconstruct Route 1 up there. But its absurd to have to wait at least a decade (possibly much longer, as history has suggested) to at least fix the pedestrian situation. College Park has already patiently waited a decade while little has progressed north of University Boulevard. Enough is enough.

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Dan, I too agree. I was very disappointed seeing the project canceled, especially after spending so much time and money on the project.

  3. Rosemary Perticari

    Fazlul, my car was hit on that ramp a few years ago at night. The driver hit the back corner on the passenger side. Thanks for the attention to this. If there was anyplace needing a pedestrian bridge over the highway, it is there. I would never attempt to cross that highway.

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