College Park FY 2012 budget

Adding nearly 1 million dollars more to its expenses, the City Council approved the FY2012 budget this week.

The budget outlines $13.7 million spending plan for the fiscal year FY 2012, which will begin in July this year.

The additional expenses include

  • an additional $150,000 for part-time contract police coverage. It will also spend about $35,000 for the hiring of a part-time public safety coordinator, to assist the Neighborhood Watch coordinators and act as a liaison with the police. The city has earned $600,000 from speed camera revenues to use to increase public safety in the city. It must decide how to use by June 30. At the April work session, the Council purchasing security cameras and street lights, making pedestrian road crossing improvements and allocating some funds for fire department officials.
  • $25,000 allocated for the study of the development of a Hollywood Community Center in north College Park
  • $10,000 for an event organizer for the College Park Day
  • $1500 to hire a facilitator who will conduct a visioning session for the Route 1 corridor
  • $3000 allocated to the “Buy Local” and “Shop College Park”
  • The $15,000 allocated to hire consultants to revamp the city’s website is a good use of funds