In May 2021, the City Council authorized a Racial Equity Officer position to help accomplish the Strategic Plan goals of creating an inclusive community and addressing systemic racism. The Racial Equity Officer will facilitate City-wide race equity programs; review and provide guidance on personnel policies; identify institutional barriers that limit diversity; and serve as a liaison for the Restorative Justice Steering Committee and other community initiatives.

The City is proud to announce the appointment of its first Racial Equity Officer, David Madison Thornton. Mr. Thornton brings to College Park extensive experience as an EEO (Equal Employment Opportunities) Consultant, Trainer, and Investigator at various workplaces and municipalities across the country. He is also an accomplished public speaker, presenting at numerous conferences on a local, state, and national level. A native Ohioan, Mr. Thornton attended the University of Akron for his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. “I look forward to working strategically with Council, staff and residents to make the City of College Park an inclusive, equitable, and welcoming community,” said Mr. Thornton.

We are extremely excited to welcome Mr. Thornton to the City of College Park team on July 6, 2021.
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