Council Considers Sustainability Initiatives

At last night’s meeting, the City Council considered adopting one or more of the steps below.

These are based on the sustainability plans of several cities, metrics and policies used by some communities and UMD, and conversations with staff, Council members, committee members, and UMD staff.

Short-term Recommendations:
• Authorize an expanded Green Team (consider adding a UMD Office of Sustainability member and/or UMD researchers, residents with professional experience sustainability programs, local govemment, and/or finance) to draft the framework for a sustainability plan to meet emissions targets for the City (similar to what other communities have done) and to present the draft plan for Council discussion.

Mid-term Recommendations:
• Based on preliminary recommendations by the Green Team, develop an agreement with the UMD ‘”Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability” program that identifies specific College Park needs in the area of sustainability, and matches those needs with specific UMD courses and students to identify best practices for the City to meet the targeted goals. This program could be initiated by College Park, or College Park could collaborate with nearby communities.
• Update the Sustainability Goals of the University District 2020 Vision (in collaboration with the CPCUP).
• Request the Green Team to identify specific additional goals for Sustainable Mmyland Certified, in anticipation of future higher levels of certification and the completion of the current goals.
• Explore joining a program such as STAR (Sustainability Tools for Assessing and Rating Communities; see attachment) to facilitate the implementation and meaEmrement of the City’s sustainability efforts.

The City’s current initiatives related to sustainability include:

  • Sustainable Maryland Certified Implementation Plan (Green Team Three-Year Action Plan)
  • Maryland Smart Energy Communities Grant (energy efficiency and renewable energy production)
  • Bikeshare Grant and Bike to Work Day
  • Business Recycling Grant and policies
  • On-going recycling and composting activities
  • Electronics and appliance recycling activities
  • Hollywood Gateway Park as a demonstration project
  • Proposed Trolley Trail Permaculture site
  • Complete Streets Plan
  • Bicycle Routes Plan
  • Street Tree Plantings
  • Safe Routes to Schools Sidewalk Improvements
  • UM Shuttle Participation
  • Green Team Action Plan
  • Collaboration with the Environmental Finance Center on Storm water Issues
  • Collaboration with the Low-Impact Development Center on Innovative
  • Stormwater Design Pilot Projects
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