City Adopts Resolution Supporting Maryland ‘Trust Act’

At last Tuesday’s Council meeting, the City Council adopted a resolution supporting SB835, Maryland Law Enforcement and Governmental Trust Act. The vote was unanimous.

The bill seeks clarification of local participation in federal immigration efforts. If passed it will prohibit:
1) law enforcement personnel from stopping, arresting or searching an individual to inquire about immigration status or citizenship status.
2) use of governmental funds, facilities, property, equipment or personnel to investigate, enforce or assist in investigation of an federal program requiring the registration of individuals on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or national or ethnic origin.
3) use of any governmental database for the purpose of immigration enforcement or investigation
4) transferring an individual to federal immigration authorities for the purpose of immigration enforcement without a judicial warrant.

College Park’s letter to the MD Senate says: “”It is important for our residents to access schools, hospitals, the courts, and other services with full confidence that local officials will not act on behalf of federal immigration authorities.”

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