Hollywood Park's South Gate was closed last week due to safety concerns

Hollywood Park’s South Gate was closed last week due to safety concerns

Recently we found that the PG Parks locked the south gate of the Hollywood Park (the Birch Field) in response to a complaint about a metro pedestrian being assaulted by someone lurking in the park.

The path to the park is now blocked and the PG Parks wants metro users use the safe route (on 53rd Avenue).

We recognize that it’s inconvenient for residents, especially who use the south gate to enter the park for recreational purposes. We have asked them to open the gate and improve the park safety by other means such as by improving lighting.

The PG Parks staff has also made inquiry to Park Police to see if they had record of any incidents at this park. They found that they had a vehicle arson and some late night suspicious activity last year but nothing lately.

I have also asked PG Parks to improve lighting at the entrance of the park. PG Parks has found that there is currently a street light across the street from the park entrance but no lighting in the park parking lot. With that said, the Park representative has made a request to the Maintenance & Development Division to look at the possibility of placing at least one parking lot light (possibly solar lighting) in the ball field parking lot. Not only will this illuminate the parking lot without being too overbearing on the neighbors, it will also assist the patrons who use and shut off the ball field lights after games have ended.

Previously, I also asked the Park to install a vehicle gate at the main entrance and close that after dark. Generally, the Park does not favor installing a vehicle gate at park entrances because of the logistical difficulties of opening and closing the gate. The Park is saying that they don’t have the staff to lock and unlock the gate on a daily basis. Additionally, they think a vehicle gate will not stop pedestrians from entering the park, especially in a neighborhood setting as this park.

We’ll keep you posted as we have more update.