The sidewalk along the north side of Cherokee Street between 48th Place and Rhode Island Avenue is now open! With brand new concrete slabs placed, the smooth sidewalk can now be used. This project was funded by a Community Block Development Grant and connects to the sidewalk west of 48th Place, making it a very extensive and wide sidewalk. The Monroe County concrete contractor ensures project will be done within a timeline. Thanks to our staff for their help in completing this important project because without all the help received from every member of the group the project would not have been able to be finished. This took careful planning so that it could be the end result would be just what the people asked for and what they really need to feel safe while out on a walk. The people of the neighborhood can now walk along the street without worrying about cars passing by to close to them. This will definitely give them a sense of peace when walking with their children or pets outside along these very transited roads. Even though it may have taken quite some time to complete the various  sidewalks, there will be more projects planned to continue the sidewalk even further for the streets that do not have one. Some people may even be involved in a similar project, but they may not have the right equipment. This can easily be taken care of a concrete curb forming supplier to get the right materials to the staff that really needs them to complete their neighborhood project.