[The following was sent by Stacey King, City’s Admin. Assist./Recycling Coordinator]

This City of College Park has had some recent changes to our recycling program, which affects all of us in City buildings as well. I am sure everyone LOVES to recycle correctly, so here is a synopsis of the changes:
New additions to the program:
1.       Metal items
a.       Aluminum foil and aluminum cooking/baking trays – please make sure they are clean. If these items are really contaminated with food, please wash them off first, or throw them away.
2.       Paper items
a.       Aseptic packaging (soy milk and juice boxes)
b.      Moisture resistant boxes (frozen food and soda boxes)
c.       Shredded paper (must be contained in a plastic bag – no loose shredded paper, please!)
3.       Plastic items
a.       Cling wrap and plastic bags – everything must be contained securely in one plastic bag, no loose pieces or loose bags.
Some things don’t belong in the blue cart, including:
1.       Any items with heavy food, grease, or other contamination. Please give your containers a quick rinse before recycling them, or throw them away.
2.       “Clamshell” or hinged food containers – including plastic salad bar containers (this is a new change!).
3.       Foam – in any shape or form –takeout containers, cups, plates, or packaging material. There are ways to recycled foam peanuts and expanded foam packaging, please let me know if you need to find a place to recycle these items.
4.       Food and most food wrap like waxed paper (think sandwich/sub wrap), chip bags, candy bar wrappers, etc.
5.       Laminated paper, thermal fax paper, and carbon paper.
6.       Loose plastic bags and cling wrap – these must be contained in one single bag otherwise they cause equipment jams at the sorting facility.
7.       Loose shredded paper – creates potential for litter and introduces dust in the air at the sorting facility. Please contain it in a tied bag!
8.       Paper clips – these can really cause problems at the recycling facility (stapled paper is ok).
9.       Paper plates, paper towels, napkins, and tissues.
10.   Utensils – plastic or metal. Reuse them or throw them away.