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Changes Coming to City’s Recreation Board

When the Recreation Board was initially created, its primary focus was on City recreation and included field use approvals, permitting, and purchasing equipment for youth sports.

Once served, the committee’s many functions have been transferred to the City’s Department of Public Services. In 2020, the City’s Event Planner position was established and expanded the role of the Communications Office to the Office of Communications and Events. There is also a new interesting post about how to keep your paystubs.

Staff is proposing that the Recreation Board evolve into a new board, the City Events Advisory Board (CEAB), which better communicates and reflects the current role of the board. The Rec Board supports the proposed name.

The changes will include eliminating duties like approving City field uses and preparing the events, as the City staff currently manages these duties.

At tonight’s meeting, the Council will discuss the proposed changes to the name and roles of the recreation board.


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    I am happy to see this change to the board!

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