City Budget

At tonight’s work session, the Council will discuss budget guidance and schedule for City’s FY2014 budget. The process began at the end of last month with distribution of budget worksheets to City department heads.

The Council budget worksessions will be on April 13 and 20 (if needed) with the budget ordinance introduced on April 23. The FY 2014 budget must be adopted by July 1st. The City Manager’s requested budget will be distributed to the Mayor and the Council by Friday, March 29. The budget ordinance will be introduced at the regular Council meeting on Tuesday, April 23.

The City is expecting a lower revenue budget this year as the total tax assessments have gone down by 10.64% compared to the FY 2013 assessment. In order to adjust the declined revenue, City’s various departments will be asked to budget for a 0% increase, for the first time in recent years, when they consistently received increases in their budget amounts.

The City will also be engaged in negotiation for a new collective bargaining agreement for certain employees of the Public Works department on the annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA). A 2% COLA was approved in FY2013.

The City is hoping to avoid using unassigned reserve to balance the FY2014 budget. Last year, the amount of unassigned reserve was $146,211.

The Council members have been asked to submit their wish list by Friday, February 15, so that departments will have ample time to price out the items. If you want me to include any item to our wish list please let me know soon.