In case you haven’t heard, earlier this month, County Council has approved the US1 Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment. There are 84 amendments in total, which I have uploaded here: 

US 1 Sector Plan Amendments 

It appears that most of the 26 amendments that the City requested for are in the final amendment list. Most notably they include the Amendment 5 asking to exclude North College Park from Form-based zoning regulations. 

AMENDMENT FIVE:: Add the following text to page 50: ―Corridor nodes located north of MD 20 193 shall not be considered for future application of Subtitle 27A of the County Code. 

It also asks to retain Hollywood commercial district to its current designation of Commercial Shopping Center zone. 

AMENDMENT EIGHTY FOUR: Retain the C-S-C (Commercial Shopping Center) Zone for the Hollywood Commercial District 11 as recommended by the Planning Board, but revise the language on pages 100-101 to better 12 describe how the residents desire to redevelop the Hollywood Commercial District to better 13 serve the surrounding community. 

There have been a number of amendments on local transportation, such as bike lanes etc., something I’d like to cover in a later post.