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City’s New Website Goes Live

College Park's New Website

College Park’s New Website

The City’s new website has finally gone live. Please check the new website here:

The City Council and the staff have been actively working on the new website early this month. It later gave the contract to a contractor called Revize.

The new website has an improved navigation feature and the better integration with the social media and other services the City provides.

My thanks to City’s IT staff and leadership for making this excellent transition possible.

City Readies its New Website

College Park's new website

College Park’s new website

After months of work, College Park’s new website is finally ready for the prime time. The new website is expected to go live early next month.

IT staff has worked with all departments throughout the City and has finally developed our new and improved website. Staff has followed the suggestions provided by the Mayor and Council along with the community focus group assigned to the project.

Staff will present the current site at next week’s worksession. During the worksession, as the Council will be able to go “inside” City’s network, staffwill demonstrate the full functionality and access the linked material. Once the site is reviewed by the Council and there is an agreed upon date, staff will replace our current temporary website with the new one, giving it the same web address (

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