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Upcoming Leaf Collection and Trash Pick up Schedule

Leaf Collections

Public Works has updated the schedule for our leaf collection activities. Please see below the updated leaf collection schedule.

December 20 and 21, January 3 : Rhode Island Avenue West side
December 21 and 27, January 4: Rhode Island Avenue East side

All leaf collection notification signs have been posted for the areas being serviced next week, 12/17.

Also, please note that tere has been a change to the trash and recycling collection schedule for the week of December 24! The City will be closed December 24th and 25th, so trash/recycling collection for the week will be shifted TWO days and there WILL BE NO SPECIAL OR BULK PICKUPS THAT WEEK:

Monday routes: Wednesday pickup – 12/26
Tuesday routes: Thursday pickup – 12/27
Wednesday routes: Friday pickup – 12/28

Please let me know if you have any questions.

December and January Leaf Collection Schedule

Leaf Season

The City has published schedule for upcoming leaf collections. Please see the dates below for our area:

West of Rhode Island Avenue
December 3 Monday
December 20 Thursday
January 3, Thursday

East of Rhode Island Avenue
December 4 Tuesday
December 5 Wednesday
December 21 Friday
January 4 Friday

Please see the City-wide detailed schedule here

Free Leaf Raking Service

Leaf raking in an elderly neighbor’s backyard, 2008

The City will be doing its FINAL curbside leaf collection next week, starting Tuesday Dec 27 in our area (east of Rhode Island avenue).

Keeping with its tradition, I’ve gathered a group of volunteers who can help in raking leafs for elderly and disabled neighbors in east Hollywood area.

If you know any such neighbor needing help in raking leafs, please let me know; I’ll hook you up with the volunteers doing this service.

This will be 4th year we’ll be offering this  service.

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