The City has published its 2010 resident survey online last week. You can also order a paper version of the survey by calling the City office today.

Like surveys in the past years, the 2010 survey tries to get important information from its residents. These information include: City Services and information, quality of life,  economic development, parks and recreation, environment and recycling, transportation, rating College Park and about you (age, location etc.).

The residents’ participation in the past years have not been great, and this year that won’t be different either.

The major problem with this survey is that it’s too long – it’ll most likely take at least a solid 30 minutes to complete 53 questions in 9 pages. Now  that’s too long for an average resident to spend. Thus unless you feel too passionate about the City or hate your City too much, you’re most likely not going to spend that amount of time.

I wish the City could publish two versions of the survey, one long version (like the current one) and another short one – just like the two census forms we had in the recent Census 2010. The short form would have included basic questions about the City’s key services, such as crime (public safety), public works (trash collection), businesses etc. With a shorter version, we could have many more residents participate in the survey.

But the length of the survey could be only one of many reasons for not taking the survey. There could be other reasons too. For example,  you can also think that this kind of surveys don’t change things a bit. There could be other reasons too that I don’t know.

So let’s take a survey about the resident survey. Unlike the 30 minutes to take the residents’ survey, this one won’t take more than 30 seconds, guaranteed!

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