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How to Report Possible Storm Related Damages to Pepco

Tropical Storm Ian will be moving through our region this weekend, bringing heavy rainfall and potentially high winds. This weather could bring down trees, causing damage to electrical equipment and resulting in power outages for residents. If you are a PEPCO customer and experience a power outage, please report it through one of the following methods:

• Pepco website: Report an Outage

• Pepco phone: 1-877-737-2662 to report an outage or downed wire

• Pepco text: “ADD OUTAGE” to 48710 to sign up for text service; then text “Out” to 48710 to report an outage

• Pepco mobile app: Apple or Android (download the app to phone)

Do not approach downed wires and other equipment; assume any downed wire or equipment is energized.

Please be vigilant and stay safe.

Pepco Appliance Recycling Offer for March

Pepco is offering customers $75 for a limited time for recycling their old working refrigerators and freezers. Customers must schedule their pick-up by March 31 and have their appliance picked up by April 14 to qualify. Customers can also recycle a dehumidifier or room A/C at the same time to receive an additional $25. Pepco’s Appliance Recycling program typically offers customers $50 for recycling their old appliances.
The Appliance Recycling program aims to save customers energy and money by offering a convenient, environmentally friendly option for getting rid of old appliances. Customers can also select the pick-up option most comfortable for them. Pepco offers in-home no-contact pick-ups, in which contractors pick up the appliance while maintaining a safe distance of six feet from the homeowners, or outside no-contact pick-ups, in which contractors pick up an appliance from a designated garage or outbuilding.
To schedule a pick-up or find out more, visit: or call 877-743-3117.

Pepco Tree Line Clearance Work

Pepco crew performing clearing work

Pepco electric line clearance work will continue as Asplundh tree crews perform work in the Berwyn, Hollywood, Daniels Park and Oak Springs neighborhoods. Other neighborhoods where work is planned and may occur is Autoville, Crystal Springs and Patricia Court.

Pepco to Perform Tree line Clearance Work in College Park

Power line clearance tree work along Albion Road will be occurring very soon this month (July). The tree pruning will be performed by Asplundh, PEPCO’s contracted tree company.

Click here for a map of the planned power line clearance work in Old Town, Lakeland, North College Park, Yarrow, Berwyn, College Park Estates, Berwyn, and Calvert Hills.

PEPCO is beginning to plan for routine tree work to maintain required clearance from the overhead electric lines to provide for reliable electric service and reduce outages caused by trees.

The PEPCO planners will be working in all City neighborhoods planning for line clearance work this year, beginning in The College Park Estates and Yarrow neighborhoods. All trees, including those on private property, growing near the electric power lines will be inspected by an arborist to determine what will need to be done, whether pruning will accomplish the required clearance or a tree removal may be needed. Pepco arborists will leave a door hanger with contact information if a tree on private property is planned for trimming or removal. Residents should respond directly to the planner with comments or questions related to the tree work planned for their privately owned tree.

The City will be working with PEPCO planners to review the tree work plan and approve or deny work planned on trees in the public right-of-way.

[City of College Park]


Pepco and Energy Assistance Programs

Pepco is suspending service disconnections and waiving new late payment charges at least until May 1 and will be working with customers on a case-by-case basis to establish payment arrangements and identify energy assistance options. Customers wishing to contact Pepco and enter into an installment plan can call them at 202-833-7500 and follow the prompts below on their automated system, or visit their website at

More information on Pepco’s services during the pandemic as well as Energy Assistance Programs for Maryland/Prince George’s County residents can be found here:

Have a Complaint about your Energy Supplier? PSC Can Help

Maryland Public Service Commission will now share certain information regarding complaints filed by customers against electric and natural gas suppliers. The information will assist customers shopping for an energy supplier to make informed decisions regarding the selection of a supplier or to follow up on a contact made by a supplier agent. Maryland utility customers have the option of buying their energy commodity from companies other than their local utility (e.g., BGE, Pepco, Washington Gas, etc.). While the Commission does not regulate the prices competitive suppliers charge, it does license them and oversees their behavior in the energy marketplace to ensure compliance with the Commission’s regulations and consumer protections. The Commission’s Consumer Affairs Division (CAD) investigates complaints received by customers.

This information, to be posted in a quarterly report here, will include raw data regarding retail energy suppliers that receive three or more complaints in a given month. The data will also contain monthly and cumulative totals of complaints received during the fiscal year, the issues alleged in the complaints, and how complaints have been resolved. In Fiscal Year 2019, CAD received and investigated more than 700 complaints involving retail energy suppliers.

“Maryland’s competitive energy marketplace empowers customers to choose a supplier that best meets their energy needs, but we are increasingly concerned about those suppliers who don’t play by the rules,” said Jason M. Stanek, Commission Chairman. “We believe that posting complaint numbers, similar to what is done in other states such as New York, will hold suppliers accountable and provide greater transparency to the public, consumer advocates, and legislators. While these numbers don’t tell the whole story of customers’ experiences with a supplier, it’s one more piece of information that consumers can consider when shopping for an energy supplier,” Chairman Stanek said.

In recent months, the Commission has increased its enforcement and oversight of retail energy suppliers, including taking action against a natural gas supplier (SmartOne Energy) for enrolling customers without their consent—a practice known as ‘slamming.’

The Commission revoked SmartOne’s license to do business in Maryland and levied a record $561,000 civil penalty. Four other formal complaint proceedings, initiated by the Commission’s Technical Staff, are currently in litigation before the Commission’s Public Utility Law Judge Division. Those cases involve Atlantic Energy Maryland, LLC; Direct Energy Services, LLC; SmartEnergy Holdings, LLC; and U.S. Gas & Electric (also known as Maryland Gas & Electric).

Customers shopping for electricity supply can review these Frequently Asked Questions on the Commission’s website which may help in the decision-making process:

Consumers with complaints involving energy suppliers can file them by visiting this link on the Commission’s website:

(Source: Public Service Commission)

Pepco Rolls Out ‘Enhanced ” Outage Reporting Tool

Today, Pepco has made enhancements to its online interactive outage map to provide customers with more helpful information during storm and power outage events. These enhancements can help customers better plan when outage events occur by delivering more weather and system status information during critical events. Some enhancements customers will experience include:

Improved map views through the use of Google Maps
Better insight into the severity and duration of storms through a storm-alert banner posted directly to the outage map, and the option to overlay weather radar on the outage map
An updated interface with greater detail on the start time, cause, geographical impact and estimated restoration for an outage

The ability to bookmark certain views of the map so customers can more easily access the area where their home or business is located

“During severe weather events and related power outages, Pepco understands customers want critical and personalized information as soon as possible,” said Donna Cooper, Pepco region president. “With this in mind, we are always looking at ways to enhance the customer experience by providing more information that can help our customers make decisions when their service is impacted. While we are working every day to prevent those outages that can be prevented, we know outages do occur, and this enhanced map will help ensure our customers have the latest and best information possible.”

Pepco’s outage map is available at Additionally, Pepco’s outage map is accessible through its mobile app for iPhone and Android® smart phones and gives customers the ability to report power outages and manage the type of alert they choose to receive. To download the app, visit

When an Outage Occurs
Pepco urges customers to contact the company immediately if they experience a power outage. Customers can call 877-PEPCO-62 (877-737-2662) or visit the website at to report their outage and receive restoration information.

To learn more about Pepco, visit The Source, Pepco’s online news room. Find additional information by visiting, on Facebook at and on Twitter at

Pepco Seeks 4.18% Rate Hike

Yesterday, Pepco filed a request with the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) for approval to recover approximately $41.4 million for work done in 2017. Pepco said they’re seeking this hike in order “to enhance electric reliability, install modern equipment and meet the expectations of our customers.”

Based on today’s request, the typical Pepco residential customer in Maryland using 812 kilowatt hours per month would see a monthly bill increase of 4.18 percent increase, or about $5.14.

In a statement, Pepco said” Pepco has embraced the challenge of improving its systemwide reliability performance to meet more stringent standards set by the PSC and has made the appropriate investments. Pepco spent approximately $222.9 million in 2017 to maintain and improve the distribution system’s safety and reliability and improve customer service through projects such as replacing and improving aging equipment and installing advanced equipment to automatically identify and isolate issues and automatically restore
service to customers.”

Papeco claims that over the period of January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2017, Pepco’s Maryland customers have experienced a 46 percent reduction in average outage frequency and a 61 percent reduction in average outage duration.

Even with this proposed rate request, Pepco thinks that the typical residential customer bill would still be about 19 percent lower than it was in 2011, thanks to lower electricity supply costs, operating efficiencies and energy efficiency programs. Customers also are seeing quicker storm restorations because of the availability of additional utility resources.

Pepco also thinks that the recent tax-reform legislation will result in meaningfully lower tax costs for Pepco, and thus a lower cost of service that we will pass along to our customers in the form of rate reductions or offsets to
investments we are making or other costs we are incurring for the benefit of customers.

Pepco Plans Line Clearance Job in Upper Hollywood and Sunnyside

PEPCO is planning line clearance work in North College Park for a feeder coming out of the Beltsville substation; work will occur in the Northern Hollywood area and Sunnyside neighborhood.

Eight trees have been approved for removal at the following locations and are marked with a blue dot:

9801 49th Ave – Silver Maple 24” diameter. There is a large defect in the trunk as well as a hole in the trunk with a channel of decay extending down the trunk. There is significant dieback in the canopy, which has continued to develop since last year when the tree was pruned to remove deadwood. New canopies for schools are needed as replacement. This location is next to Hollywood Elementary School where many children are walking to school. The resident is aware of the planned removal and they are ok with it. A replacement tree will be installed.

4700 block Edgewood Rd – Note: there is a 69 kV line in this area, which requires increased clearance. Sweet Gum 15” at intersection of 47th Pl on north west corner at vacant parcel. Since this tree has been previously topped for line clearance, it has grown very bushy & is blocking the line of sight at the intersection and suckers are blocking the street light above, which will contribute to poor street lighting. Replacement tree approved. There is also a small 5” Black Cherry in this same area that is in poor health and many branches are blocking the street light above. Other trees along the north side of Edgewood Rd from 47th Pl to Route 1 will be pruned. The vegetation growing at the intersection of Route 1 will be cut down to improve visibility and clearance.

4809 Nantucket Rd – Red Maple 22” diameter. Evident trunk damage, very thin canopy with small leaves, & numerous dead branches. Tree branches in service drop lines to 2 homes. Replacement tree approved.

5100 Odessa Rd – Multi-stem Red Maple, which is shown as 3 trees on the map. The tree recently lost a large live limb, there is significant included bark, which will contribute to future limb loss. The resident has requested removal previously. Replacement tree approved

5110 Odessa Rd – Sweet Gum 22”. Significant canopy dieback and suckering along lower branches indicates decline of the tree. There is a large girdling, which may be contributing to the sucker growth. The tree is growing above the gas line. Replacement tree approved.

5108 Paducah Rd – Siberian Elm 19”. Visible dieback on all major limbs, which are overhanging service drop line to house. Replacement tree approved.

10102 51St Ave – Pin Oak 29” Significant canopy dieback, and decay observed in trunk. Recent construction in street and sidewalk likely affected root zone, which will contribute to continued tree decline. Replacement tree approved.

The map below shows the planned line clearance work. The trim (prune) areas indicated as a yellow line are secondary lines that require less clearance. The green trim (prune) lines are locations where the pruning will reflect the clearance based on the voltage.
PEPCO feeder 14464

Pepco Announces Peak Savings Day – Customers Can Save Money by Saving Energy

Pepco customers will have an opportunity to save energy and money by reducing their electric use today, Thursday, July 13 from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

An increased demand for electricity throughout the mid-Atlantic region is anticipated for July 13, 2017. No wonder people are buying backup generators. While the region’s power supply is expected to be sufficient to meet high demand, Pepco customers are encouraged to conserve energy and save money on the Peak Savings Day.

Pepco’s Maryland customers are offered the opportunity to earn bill credits on Peak Savings Days through the Peak Energy Savings Credit Program. Customers participate simply by saving energy during the specified hours—no enrollment is needed. Customers will receive a bill credit of $1.25 for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of reduced energy use below the customer’s average energy use on a Peak Savings Day. Customers will receive a phone call indicating the hours to reduce energy use, but they can also choose to be notified by email or text. Customers can see their energy savings on their next bill, or on the next day in My Account.

For Maryland and District of Columbia customers signed up to participate in Pepco’s Energy Wise Rewards® program, Pepco will cycle their air conditioners during this period. This means Pepco will cycle the participant’s air conditioner compressors off and on for short intervals during this time frame. Click resources for energy-efficient HVAC systems.

Because the air conditioner fans will continue to run, most customers will not notice a temperature change in their home. It may take up to a half-hour after the event ends for air conditioners to resume normal operations. We recommend consulting experts like air duct cleaning Minneapolis or doing regular ac repair and maintenance to keep your home’s air quality excellent. You may also consider getting dryer vent cleaning Costa Mesa to ensure clean air circulation.

Customers can learn more about Peak Energy Savings Credit by calling 1-855-730-PEAK or visiting To learn more about Energy Wise Rewards call 1-866-353-5798 or visit For information about Pepco, visit Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter at Our mobile app is available at

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