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Remembering Jim Kowmas

Jim Kowmas, dedicated City of College Park Youth, Family and Senior Services and the Lakeland STARs bus driver, passed away in his sleep early morning Sunday, April 14, 2019.

Jim was 70 years old.

During his five-year tenure with the City, Jim was always dependable and dedicated to doing everything he could for our City seniors.

Jim leaves behind 5 daughters and 13 grandchildren. The family is grateful that they had all gathered the day before Jim’s passing to celebrate their long-awaited family reunion, where they all had a wonderful time.

His family is hoping to have an event celebrating Jim’s life this summer; the date is yet to be decided.

The City sends our deepest condolences to his family. Jim will be greatly missed.
[City of College Park]

A Belated Obituary, and the Tale of a Bus Shelter

Recently, I came to know the passing of a wonderful longtime neighbor.

Edna L. (Lee) Fink, age 90, died in her home of 71 years in north College Park.

Edna is survived by 4 children, 13 beautiful grandchildren, 14 sweet great-grandchildren, and 3 precious great-great-grandchildren.

Edna had a great and caring heart for our community. She once told me she often sees bus riders standing under the sun or in rain waiting long at the bus stop on Rhode Island Avenue, near her house at Iroquois street. Thankfully, our City later added a bus shelter there. Sadly, it was added after she passed away, so she couldn’t see this before she left all of us. She would definitely have been very happy today if she was around.

I met Edna at her home about a month before she died. We sat and talked. Because of her battle against cancer, she had difficulties in talking to me. Yet, she was in very good spirit and cracked a few jokes with me. “Kabir, My great-grandchild asked me the other day – do you have a frog in your throat? I told her, yes, but I’m going to get it out soon.”  – she told me jokingly.

Let’s celebrate Edna’s wonderful life and the courageous battle she fought until the end.

[Photo credit: Donald V. Borgwardt Funeral Home]

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