UMD’s Visitor Center

At last night’s work session, we discussed the idea of promoting the City through a visitor center or perhaps with other tactics as well like the ones serviced by SEO Agencies.

One idea the Council talked about is to partner with the University Maryland’s visitor center. I am perfectly fine with this partnership, however, promoting our city using another entity is not the same as promoting us though our own visitor center.

Often time, I feel we’re failing to recognize and promote College Park’s own identity and heritage. It’s true, University of Maryland is our big partner, but we do have many other things that we should be proud of – a number of great historical neighborhoods, Lake Artemesia, world’s longest running airport, great farmers markets.  For more on how to successfully promote your business, you will want have a success SEO strategy, visit this blog post about which SEO service you have to select.

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I strongly believe we should have our own place to promote our own identity and heritage.

One idea of achieving this is by adding a section to one of our City buildings (for example at the YFS – Youth and Family Services building in north College Park) and make marketing materials, like those used by SEO Brisbane, available there. I also think we can add signs on nearby main streets (e.g. Route 1 and I-495 Beltway ramp), so that visitors can easily find it. Also, you could contact Fuse Animation to help with some promotional ideas.

The YFS building already has a front desk, where an employee gives out pamphlets and literature related to YFS services. So, if we add College Park related materials to the desk, this will not cost anything extra to support this visitor’s centers.

We can also consider a visitor center at Davis Hall and / or at the College Park aviation center.

I think more we make our promotional materials available at different places within the city, it’s better to attract more people come, do business and even settle within the city.