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Ride with a COP – This Saturday

Join the Prince George’s County Police Department at Lake Artemesia for a friendly bike ride on Saturday, May 20th at 8:30AM! There will be a free helmet giveaway, snacks, and more! Prizes will be awarded for the best-decorated bicycles. I plan to be riding my bike with the community there. Hope to see many of you there!

Police Seeks Suspects in College Park Commercial Armed Robbery Incident

Please see the Crime Solver’s Flyer below in reference to a commercial armed robbery that occurred on 06/23/16 in College Park. Investigators are still attempting to identify the suspect.

City Offers Help in Faster Fingerprinting of Suspects

LiveScan Fingerprinting

Changes to state law effective January 1, 2013 allow police officers to issue citations in lieu of arrest for certain offenses that previously required full arrest and processing at the station. However officers are still required to take offenders to District 1 or Upper Marlboro for fingerprinting and pictures.

In meetings with both UMD Police and PGPD, the idea of being able to do this in or near College Park was brought up as an excellent way to eliminate lost patrol time for officers.

Special equipment is available to expedite fingerprint processing. A digital fingerprint processing system, called LiveScan is recommended by Police. The LiveScan system will enable police to process arrestees in a more efficient manner. It will enable officers to return to patrol activities much faster.

The LiveScan system will cost about $25,000. city intends to use the unspent funds in last season’s snow and ice control budget. The funds will be used to reimburse the University of Maryland Department of Public Safety for the purchase of this equipment, which will be hosted at their police station. The equipment will be available for use by our City Contact Police and other police agencies.

Maryland’s New Scooter Law

Here is a video explaining Maryland’s new scooter and mopeds.

Police to Outreach to Metro Riders Today

Dubbed Operation Blue Tide, the PGPD and Metro Police will jointly start a campaign to outreach the Metro riders to curb crime in Metro’s PG county stations today. Here is more.

Area Homicides Rise 28% in May

Homicides sore in PG

As a new summer season is upon us, it’s not only bringing warm weather, but also a rise in violent crimes in the area.

According to this report, area’s homicide figure has risen to 28% in the past month, 46 in total. Last year, the figure was 36.

College Park and the surrounding area had 8 homicides last month.

Back in January, area saw 13 killings in the first 2 weeks – that is  almost 1 killing a day. A University of Maryland student was one of those killed in that period.

College Park’s community liaison officer J. Black will be at the NCPCA meeting this month (June 9) to update residents more on the recent crime activities and ways to prevent them in this summer season.

City to Spend More on Contract Police, Public Saftey Staff

Prince George’s Police

The Council had its second and final work session on budget recently and made a few changes to the proposed FY 2012 draft budget.

The most significant of largest of which was a substantial increase for additional City contract police, which we are using the speed camera revenue to pay for.

Most of these items will come from revenue the City  was able to reallocate due to the additional public safety funding from the speed cameras.

Funds that the City would have otherwise spend on contract police this year will go into undesignated reserves, and then be available to spend next year.

The changes fall within the guidelines laid out in the FY2012 draft budget:

An increase of 0.72 FTE in Contract Police Officers (in Public Services, Speed Enforcement, program 2025) to certify speed enforcement camera citations

The  changes related to the public safety program in the FY2012 draft budget includes:

  • An additional $150,000 for part-time contract police coverage.
  • About $35,000 for the hiring of a part-time public safety coordinator, to assist the Neighborhood Watch coordinators and act as a liaison with the police.

The City of College Park does not have a police service. The city residents pay nearly $1 million to hire 6 contract police officers (3 pat time and 3 full time) from the county and the best way to find these recruits is through a staffing agency that can find lots of candidates. They are doing this because the police service from the county’s regular police PGPD is not enough.

March 2011 NCP Crime Report

Fight Crime

In March 2011, 58 crime incidents have been reported in north College Park.

When compared with the February data, the figures have gone down slightly (from 62 to 58), yet the incident figures are way too high for a small neighborhood like ours, with an average of 2 incidents happening every day on average.

The high crime figures should only remind us the importance of getting involved in activities such as Neighborhood Watch program.

March crime data has the following breakdowns across types of calls.

Assault: 3
Break and Entering: 5
Recovered Stolen Auto: 4
Robbery: 1
Stolen Auto : 9
Theft: 11
Theft from Auto: 18
Vandalism: 7
DateTimeType of CallAddress
3/1/20112012Stolen Auto9500 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/2/20112149Theft From Auto9000 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/2/20111722Theft9000 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/3/20111303Robbery9000 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/3/20111120Stolen Vehicle9300 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/4/20111700Vandalism9300 Block CHERRY HILL RD
3/5/20112257Vandalism9200 Block SPRINGHILL LN
3/6/20111814Assault4800 Block HOLLYWOOD RD
3/6/20111631Theft9600 Block 52ND AV
3/8/20111251Theft9800 block 49TH AV
3/9/2011738Theft From Auto9500 block 48TH AV
3/9/2011813Theft From Auto9100 block 49TH AV
3/9/2011838Theft From Auto9500 block 49TH PL
3/9/2011850Theft From Auto4800 block HOLLYWOOD RD
3/9/20111133Theft From Auto9000 block BALTIMORE AV
3/10/20111002Theft From Auto9600 block BALTIMORE AV
3/11/20111310Theft From AutoBALTIMORE AV/ CAP BELT IL NO HY
3/11/20112120Vandalism9300 block CHERRY HILL RD
3/12/20111446Theft4700 block CHERRY HILL RD
3/12/20111003Stolen Vehicle10000 block BALTIMORE AV
3/14/20111236Theft9300 block CHERRY HILL RD
3/15/20111622Breaking & Entering9300 Block CHERRY HILL RD
3/15/20112121Breaking & Entering10000 Block 52ND AV
3/15/20111733Theft4700 Block CHERRY HILL RD
3/15/20111707Vandalism9500 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/15/20111353Stolen Auto9500 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/16/20111250Assault9900 Block RHODE ISLAND AV
3/16/2011618Theft From Auto9900 Block 51ST TE
3/16/2011804Theft From Auto9500 Block 50TH PL
3/16/2011818Theft From Auto4800 Block INDIAN LN
3/16/2011940Theft From Auto4800 Block FOX ST
3/16/20111043Theft From Auto9700 Block 52ND AV
3/16/20111220Vandalism9700 Block 52ND AV
3/16/20112130Stolen Auto9500 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/17/20111003Theft From Auto10000 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/18/20111303Vandalism10000 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/18/20111848Stolen Auto10100 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/18/20111540Recovered Stolen Auto10000 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/18/20111608Recovered Stolen Auto5200 Block HURON ST
3/19/2011945Theft4900 Block LACKAWANNA ST
3/20/20112140Theft5200 Block KENESAW ST
3/21/2011809Theft From Auto4800 Block ERIE ST
3/21/20111609Stolen Auto9400 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/21/20111630Stolen Auto9400 Block RHODE ISLAND AV
3/22/2011640Breaking & Entering4900 block HURON ST
3/22/2011550Theft From Auto4700 block CADDO ST
3/24/20111412Breaking & Entering4700 block MUSKOGEE ST
3/24/20111727Breaking & Entering9400 block 52ND AV
3/25/20111923Theft4900 block IROQUOIS ST
3/26/20111439Assault (Arrest)10000 block BALTIMORE AV
3/26/20111917Vandalism9300 block CHERRY HILL RD
3/27/20111821Stolen Auto10000 block BALTIMORE AV
3/29/2011751Theft6000 block SPRINGHILL DR
3/29/20111609Theft9800 block BALTIMORE AV
3/30/2011728Theft from Auto3600 block MARLBROUGH WY
3/30/20111355Theft from Auto9700 block 52ND PL
3/30/20112050Recovered Stolen Auto10100 block BALTIMORE AV
3/30/20112230Recovered Stolen Auto9100 block BALTIMORE AV

Police Alerts Citizens Following a Series of Thefts

Vehicle theft

The Prince George’s County Police Department (PGPD) is urging citizens to be aware following a series of thefts that have occurred at gas stations.

In these cases, the suspect will wait for the victim to leave their vehicle unattended and use this opportunity to steal their valuables/purses. These occurrences have taken place during the morning and evening rush hour time frames.

The police is asking residents to use caution by:
•  Being aware of your surroundings
•  If you must leave your vehicle unattended, please lock the doors
•  Do not leave your valuables in a conspicuous place where it is easily accessible for the suspect

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Prince George’s County Police Department’s District I Investigative Section at (301) 699-2601. Callers wishing to remain anonymous may call Crime Solvers at 1-866-411 TIPS (8477) or text “PGPD plus your message” to CRIMES (274637) on your cell phone or go to and submit a tip online.

Neighborhood Watch Meeting This Thursday

Neighborhood Watch

As our area is getting hit with an extraordinary amount of crime incidents lately, so arises the need for engaging of city residents into crime fighting activities.

There will be an important training event for Neighborhood Watch participants from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 10th, 2011 at City Hall.

The training will include development of observation skills and reporting suspicious activity and crime to the police.

Special training for Block Captains will be provided for those interested, using the College Park Woods’ Neighborhood Watch Program as a model/template.

Major Hector Velez, the new Commander for PGPD District 1, is planning to come and meet us there, now that Major Liberati has been transferred.

I know there is a scheduling conflict with the NCPCA’s monthly March meting on the same night, but in case you decide to attend, please be at the City Hall at this great training event!

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