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Time to Speak about Proposed Changes to the Neighborhood

After many months of work on “Zoning Rewrite”, the County has proposed a streamlined zoning map for the entire county. For a few areas of north College Park, especially in the Hollywood Commercial district and the areas along Route 1, some of the proposed changes are concerning. For those living near the Edgewood and Rhode […]

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Hollywood and Daniels Park – A Tale of Two Neighborhoods

I’m a student of science and technology, but I also love history. History helps us travel into the past and see how things all started when we weren’t there. Since I made College Park my hometown, I’ve had many opportunities meeting with many of my neighbors, who set their foot in our beloved town many […]

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Thank You for Making a Difference

Thanks to everyone who joined us this morning at the Hollywood commercial district beautification project. We worked together to face lift one corner of our commercial district – the area where the dry cleaner is located. Check it out when you drive around the corner. It should look a lot better than what it looked […]

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Hollywood Cleanup 2012 – In Pictures

I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who showed up at yesterday’s Hollywood cleanup event. More than 50 volunteers took part in the event and helped clean a fairly large part of Hollywood neighborhood. Your time and effort will certainly be appreciated by our neighbors. Our special thanks go to County Council […]

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Ideas on Rhode Island Avenue Crosswalks

It’s been a while residents in north College Park have been discussing the issue of pedestrian safety at the Rhode Island Avenue (between Edgewood and MD 193). The NCPCA also discussed this issue in the past several times. The City and the County will soon have another opportunity to discuss this matter further. Based on […]

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Hollywood: Despite Lack of Progress, Dreams Live On

In 2009, the M-NCPPC, after several community meetings, the Maryland Park and Planning released the final US 1 Corridor sector plan documents. The two year old, 100+ page heavy Route 1 sector plan documents may be gathering dusts in the M-NCPPC’s office shelves, but that shouldn’t stop us from keeping our dreams alive. I took […]

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Come and See Gateway Park Designs

Gateway park design competition The design of Hollywood Gateway Park is coming to the finish line. Three competing designs will be on display at this month’s NCPCA meeting for public comment. NCPCA meeting will be on Thursday, April 14th, 7:30 pm, Davis Hall (corner of 51st Avenue and Indian Lane). NCPCA earlier formed a committee on […]

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Lehman Talks about Budget, School and Ethics Bill at NCP Forum

Mary Lehman, our new county council member for District 1 came over the other day to the NCPCA’s February monthly meeting and spoke about her new job in Upper Marlboro. In front of some 30 North College Park residents, her speech covered a wide range of topics, such as the county budget, local school system and […]

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Lackawanna Streetscape Project Turns Street into ‘a Runway’, Residents Complain

The $100K Lackawanna streetscape project that was once designed to give a facelift to one of north College Park’s major neighborhood street is instead stirring much controversy, so much so that some neighbors on the street think the City is ruining their neighborhood street. The City received the funding through Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA) […]

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Lights Flood Lackawanna Street

In this holiday season, when residents decorate their house porches and roof tops with red, green and white lights, a city street has joined that festivities with rows of bright white lights. Though a coincidence, Lackawanna Street at the Greenbelt Metro’s north entrance, received this face lift through a project called “Lackawanna St. Streetscape”. Pepco energized the […]

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NCP Resident Featured in Urban Farming Story

Roy Caspari This weekend, Roy Caspari, a north College Park resident was featured in a story on his passion for urban gardening project. Here is the link to that story: Program trains immigrants in urban farming On most days, Roy Caspari, a native of Indonesia, works as a massage therapist and landlord in College Park. But every […]

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Proposed Gateway Park Presentation

In this month’s NCPCA meeting, members discussed the proposed Gateway Park development at the corner of Route 1 and the Edgewood Road. Though no one from the City’s planning department could be present at the meeting, they composed a PowerPoint presentation to share with the residents present at the meeting. You can access that presentation directly […]

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‘Adult’ Store Gets Second Violation

Comfort Zone (The Diamondback) North College Park’s controversial store “Comfort Zone” has received a second zoning violation for selling “adult” related products. The City handed over the violation notice after it inspected the store for the second time last weekend. The store received first violation from the City last month (October 12).  In the re inspection, the […]

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North College Park to Study Gateway Park Proposals

The Little House at the Gateway North College Park residents have  recently formed a committee to study much discussed Hollywood Gateway Park  proposals. Earlier, in August this year, a split City Council voted to authorize the city staff to pursue a grant to fund design and building of the Park at the intersection of Route 1 and Edgewood Road. In its […]

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Comfort Zone Gets Zoning Violation for Selling Sex Products

The Comfort Zone, the newly opened store in North College Park on Route 1 has recently received a zoning violation notice for selling adult related products. The City of College Park issued the notice on October 12, with a reinspection date set for November 13. The notice was issued based on the determination that the […]

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