The City has been working for some to build a sidewalk on Hollywood Road between Route 1 and Road Island Avenue. The idea came after many residents living on and around the street told us the traffic on the street has increased significantly in recent years and expressed concerns about safety on the street.

Back in 2014, our City engineer designed some concept plans about possible sidewalks on Hollywood Road. We met with community twice that year. We later met with the residents in two community meetings, one on June 2 and November 11 of 2014.

The City staff later worked to do a feasibility study of the project and secured some funds. According to staff, paperwork with the State was just completed as part of the study and a contract is ready to be signed with Norton Land Design for a 30% design study that includes survey work and looking at options.

The feasibility study is expected to be completed in 3 months.

Once the study is completed, then the City will get into the final construction phase.

One concern staff as about building the sidewalk is about removing the utility lines, which are located on the north side of the street. Relocating these utility lines could be very expensive.

Another idea being considered is narrowing Hollywood Rd slightly to accommodate a sidewalk along one side. This would eliminate any challenge posed by existing topographical and structural issues and cost.

I’ll keep you posted as the project moves forward.