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UMD’s Medical Systems to Acquire, Modernize Laurel Hospital


Tomorrow, the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) is expected to make an announcement about its commitment to acquire Laurel Hospital and work closely with the community to design a modernization plan which will improve access to world class health care in our area. The idea will expand the hospital size bringing more staff in (which means jobs for locals) for  which the Hospital will need new equipment like this cheap and Used C-Arm Machine for Sale allowing doctors and nurses to take better care of the patients which now will be more. In addition, if you want to train your medical staff in medical coding, then you may consider these Online CPC Classes for them.

Last year, the hospital announced that, after serving Prince George’s County since 1978, will be downsized into a walk-in outpatient medical center. This caused quite a bit of outcry  from the community.

The UMMS, Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker, Laurel Mayor Craig A. Moe and other elected officials will hold a press conference tomorrow, Monday, July 18, 2016 at 12:00pm at the Laurel Municipal Center, located at 8103 Sandy Spring Rd. in Laurel, MD 20707.


The media and public should be in attendance so they can hear about the vision of the modernization of healthcare delivery at Laurel Regional Hospital, which may be stacked with hospital beds and plenty of other equipment for many health care centers, including veterinarian services, dentist clinic, pediatric consultation, urology center and many more all across the country. Unfortunately not every medical center will be able to receive this equipment, they will be sent out to those who have a high demand of patients and the ones who have the least amount of supplies. However, in the near future campaigns will be started to try and cover the remaining locations, find out how you can contribute and share the news! When you shop for an AED on, you can rest assured that you’re doing your part to keep your employees, loved ones, or maybe even yourself, protected from the devastating effects of sudden cardiac arrest.

The public has been requested to assemble in the Council Chambers by 11:30am, so the live coverage can begin right at Noon. If you are unable to attend, please tune into Laurel TV for live coverage on Comcast 996(HD) and 71(SD); Verizon 12 or via live streaming at Laurel

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For more information, please contact the Director of Communications, Audrey Barnes, at 301-725-5300 ext. 2208.

Laurel Hospital is Set to Close – Public Hearing Tomorrow

Laurel_Exterior_RSYou’ve probably heard it. The Laurel Regional Hospital is about to  shut down. Their will be Briefing on Tuesday, September 15 at 11:30 AM at the County Administration Building. You’re always welcome to attend meetings of the County Council.

A complete agenda may be found here.

The following was sent to the community by District 1 Council member Mary Lehman.

As you may know, the Dimensions Healthcare System Executive Board decided on July 30 to transition and scale down Laurel Regional Hospital. This planned “step-down” would allow current employees to transfer to vacancies elsewhere in the Dimensions system and create an ambulatory care center and 24-hour observation unit, however northern Prince George’s County will be left without a full-service hospital which already needs a C-Arm Rental provider.

Based on a consultant’s report, the board made its decision following closed-door deliberations. The vote was taken without input from the public, the City of Laurel, most state representatives, other hospital stakeholders such as the Service Employees International Union Local #1199 or my office.

Since the vote by the board, I have expressed my deep concern about the lack of procedural transparency that led to the proposed hospital closure. I have had many conversations with County Executive Baker’s staff, our state legislators who represent the Laurel area, and City of Laurel officials, and I attended a meeting between hospital employees and Dimensions where I criticized the closed-door process.

I have worked with my staff and the county’s Office of Audits and Investigations to assemble county and state financial data on the hospital’s annual losses. Its Fiscal Year 2014 report indicated the hospital lost $3.5 million, yet Dimensions is claiming the facility is actually losing $12-15 million, a figure about which other elected officials and I are extremely skeptical.

I will continue to ask hard questions, get real answers and work for a different outcome for Laurel Regional Hospital.

UMD Helps Prince George’s to Get Quality Hospital

PGHC to be replaced by a new hospital center

When Prince George’s county residents get sick, they often go to out of the county hospitals to get quality health care. For decades, hospitals in the county have been struggling financially.

That will most likely to change, thanks to a partnership deal between the state, county and the University of Maryland Medical System.

The deal would replace the P.G. Hospital center by a network of hospital and a quality teaching hospital supported by the University of Maryland.

The deal is expected to cost $600 million, however it’s unclear how the funding will be provided.

If the plan works out, the project will start in 2014, and is expected to be complete in 2014.

According to some sources, the new hospital is expected to be in the central part of the county, as Prince George’s Hospital Center is. Renovating the hospital center or using some of the adjacent county-owned land in Cheverly to build a new hospital would be among the less expensive options. Alternatively, the county could look to other sites such as the vacant Landover Mall site and New Carrollton, where a new, mixed-use development is planned next to the Metro,

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