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City to Offer ARPA Mental Health Assistance

The City has established programs to assist businesses, nonprofits, and residents in addressing the negative financial impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The American Rescue Program Act (ARPA) has provided funds that the City is using for these and many other projects.

College Park residents of all ages may be reimbursed for up to $5,000 per household for mental health services received, OR invoices may be paid directly to service providers.

Learn more here.

[City of College Park]

How I Quit Smoking and Found a Healthier Path

Smoking had been a constant companion in my life for years, providing comfort during times of stress and a sense of camaraderie in social settings. However, as the years passed, the negative consequences of this habit became increasingly apparent. From the persistent cough to the shortness of breath, I knew that I needed to break free from the clutches of smoking to reclaim my health and vitality. This is the story of my journey to quitting smoking and the transformative effects it had on my life.

The decision to quit smoking was not an easy one, but it was a crucial turning point in my life. I realized that my health was suffering, and I was tired of feeling controlled by the habit. I sought support from friends, family, and medical professionals to help me through this challenging process. Their encouragement and understanding were invaluable as I took my first steps towards a smoke-free life.

The first few days of quitting were undeniably tough. I experienced withdrawal symptoms like irritability, cravings, and mood swings. However, I reminded myself that these were temporary and a small price to pay for a healthier future. I distracted myself with activities that brought me joy, such as reading, exercising, and spending time outdoors. I also looked into treatments such as stop smoking hypnotherapy. Eventually I was able to find someone very proficient that had undergone Live Online Hypnotherapy Certification Training to assist me. Gradually, the cravings subsided, and I began to feel a renewed sense of determination.

Having a strong support network played a significant role in my success. I joined a support group where I could share my experiences with others who were also on the path to quitting smoking. Hearing their stories and struggles made me feel less alone in my journey. Additionally, the support group provided practical tips and coping strategies to help deal with triggers and cravings.

As the days turned into weeks and weeks into months, I started noticing remarkable improvements in my health and well-being. My sense of taste and smell became more acute, and I had more energy throughout the day. Breathing became easier, and the persistent cough disappeared. The positive changes were incredibly motivating, reinforcing my commitment to staying smoke-free.

Quitting smoking was not just about breaking a habit; it was about embracing a new and healthier lifestyle. I focused on nourishing my body with nutritious foods and engaging in regular physical activity. This positive shift in my daily routine not only supported my physical health but also improved my mental well-being.


Quitting smoking was undoubtedly one of the most challenging endeavors I have undertaken, but it was also one of the most rewarding. The journey to becoming smoke-free taught me resilience, self-discipline, and the power of determination. Breaking free from the grip of smoking has given me the gift of renewed health and vitality. If you are contemplating quitting, know that it is possible with the right support and mindset. Remember, every step you take towards a smoke-free life is a step towards a brighter and healthier future.

Coronavirus: The Facts

[The following information came from the office of County Councilmember Tom Dernoga (District 1)]

The recent update on the coronavirus from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is causing concern throughout the Country, and those concerns are valid. The CDC and Prince George’s County Health Department are closely monitoring the outbreak of the coronavirus. The outbreak first started in Wuhan, China, but cases have been identified in other international locations, including the United States.

The County Council sitting as the Board of Health has planned a briefing on the coronavirus for March 24th, 2020 at 1:30 PM, watch here.

The Health Department is working to ensure Prince George’s County residents are informed about coronavirus and any important updates. Please continue to monitor the department’s dedicated coronavirus website as well as CDC’s coronavirus website, and the Maryland Department of Health’s coronavirus website.

Come Celebrate POSH’s First Year Anniversary Tomorrow

Posh is turning one! Celebrate with them Tomorrow, Saturday 11/2 from 9am to 3pm. POSH will have a Health & Fitness Expo, Vendors, Donation-based 30-Minute Workouts, Prizes & more!

Come celebrate the City of College Park’s Business of the Year recipient Posh Cycling on Fitness Studio’s 1st birthday! Free donation based fitness classes will be held all day long, and ALL proceeds will go to support Susan G Komen and the fight to end breast cancer! Pilates, Dance Groove, Strong, Spinning, and dancing classes. Health and wellness vendors tables will have free samples. Cake cutting will begin at 12pm! Come join the fun!

You can sign up for any of our Posh Classes at

Enrollment open for coverage under the Affordable Care Act

Maryland Health Connection is the state’s official health insurance marketplace where you can compare and enroll in health insurance, and access financial help to make coverage more affordable. Learn more. Call: 1-855-642-8572 (TTY: 1-855-642-8573)
If you are calling to apply, change your plan or report a change, please have the following items, including birthdates, social security numbers and income information available. To learn more or apply, click here.

FREE Mobile Clinic Returns to Hollywood Tomorrow

The Doctors Community Hospital mobile clinic will return to Hollywood Shopping Center tomorrow, November 12 (from 10 am to 4 pm). They will come two more days in December. Please see the attached flyer for details and spread the word. Thank you.

In Pictures – Hollywood Health Fair

Group to Host Medicare Workshop for Seniors

The College Park Community Library invites all current and new Medicare beneficiaries and their families to attend its first Medicare Workshop on Tuesday, Nov. 10 from 2 – 4 p.m. The program will be held on the upper level of the Nazarene Church at 9704 Rhode Island Avenue, College Park, MD. The location is wheelchair accessible and has no stairs.

The Prince George’s County Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) will conduct a nuts and bolts program intended to provide the most up-to-date information on 2016 Medicare programs. Ms. Shalese Thomas, Community Developer, Department of Family Services Area Agency on Aging, will conduct the program.

College Park Resident, Lidia Smolenska, 74, said, “My husband and I are from Poland and our English is not good. We are glad we can learn about the new Medicare changes without driving far.”

SHIP meets the most universal needs of Medicare beneficiaries, including those less than 65 years of age Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, HMO plans, understanding physician and hospital bills and long-term care insurance.

The agency provides both in-person and telephone assistance to beneficiaries in Prince George’s County, MD.

Hollywood Community Health Fair

The Health Fair will feature a number of health related check-ups, such as blood pressure, glucose screening, breast cancer screening, etc. This is a family event with light entertainment, food and activities for residents. Carrollton Enterprise, the City of College Park, the Hollywood Farmers Market along with a number of organizations, hospital and health providers are sponsoring the event. Doctor’s Community Hospital will be bringing a mobile health bus and will offer free health check-up to College Park and area residents. Please see the attached flyer for more details.Thank you!
WHAT: Hollywood Community Health Fair
WHEN: Saturday, November 7, 9 am – 12 pm
WHERE: Hollywood Shopping Center
Hollywood Health Fair

Laurel Hospital is Set to Close – Public Hearing Tomorrow

Laurel_Exterior_RSYou’ve probably heard it. The Laurel Regional Hospital is about to  shut down. Their will be Briefing on Tuesday, September 15 at 11:30 AM at the County Administration Building. You’re always welcome to attend meetings of the County Council.

A complete agenda may be found here.

The following was sent to the community by District 1 Council member Mary Lehman.

As you may know, the Dimensions Healthcare System Executive Board decided on July 30 to transition and scale down Laurel Regional Hospital. This planned “step-down” would allow current employees to transfer to vacancies elsewhere in the Dimensions system and create an ambulatory care center and 24-hour observation unit, however northern Prince George’s County will be left without a full-service hospital which already needs a C-Arm Rental provider.

Based on a consultant’s report, the board made its decision following closed-door deliberations. The vote was taken without input from the public, the City of Laurel, most state representatives, other hospital stakeholders such as the Service Employees International Union Local #1199 or my office.

Since the vote by the board, I have expressed my deep concern about the lack of procedural transparency that led to the proposed hospital closure. I have had many conversations with County Executive Baker’s staff, our state legislators who represent the Laurel area, and City of Laurel officials, and I attended a meeting between hospital employees and Dimensions where I criticized the closed-door process.

I have worked with my staff and the county’s Office of Audits and Investigations to assemble county and state financial data on the hospital’s annual losses. Its Fiscal Year 2014 report indicated the hospital lost $3.5 million, yet Dimensions is claiming the facility is actually losing $12-15 million, a figure about which other elected officials and I are extremely skeptical.

I will continue to ask hard questions, get real answers and work for a different outcome for Laurel Regional Hospital.

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