Two development proposals are in the works to build 228 single-family townhomes (attached homes) in the Cherry Hill / Autoville neighborhood

(a) Paint BranchPreserve North: 131 Single Family Attached Residential Units 4711, 4801 Cherry Hill Road and 9624, 9626, 9628, 9700, 9702 Autoville Drive (Block B Lots 1 and 19 and Parcels 5, 150, 178, 15, 14 and 16; Zoning: NAC and RMF-20). The development will have 66 units 22 ft front-loaded townhomes and 65 units 20 ft rear integral townhomes.

(b) Paint BranchPreserve South: 97 Single Family Attached Residential Units at 4300, 4302 Peru Road, and 9606 Autoville Drive, College Park,(Parcels 21, 24, and 112; Zoning: NAC). This development will have 97 units 20 ft rear integral townhomes.

According to the project documents,

  • The property will be served by two primary points of access. Access will be from Cherry Hill Road and Autoville Drive.
  • All units will have two have a two-car garage.
  • Units will have a combination of three and four stories (or three stories with optional lofts).
  • A centrally located open space amenity area is also planned.
  • Disbursed guest parking is provided throughout the property with an emphasis on parking proximate to the amenity area.
  • The site will include native species landscaping in conformance with the Prince George’s County Landscape Manual and will adequately address the Tree Canopy Coverage requirements.

There will be a Pre-Application Neighborhood Meeting at 6:30 PM (doors open at 6 PM), on August 31, at Mamma Lucia, 4734 Cherry Hill Road, College Park to review and discussion of the development proposals. A developer representative will be available to answer questions

The following concept plans are preliminary in nature and are subject to changes.

Paint branch preserve north

Paint branch preserve south