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Council Approves Further Support for the Hollywood Streetscape Project

Wallace Montgomery was awarded a contract for design and engineering services for the Hollywood Streetscape Project in November 2018. In April 2021, a contract amendment in the amount of $86,155 was approved to add construction and bidding services to the contract.

In October 2021, the contract was increased by $14,500 (Change Order #1) to cover additional work required by the Prince George’s County Department of Permits, Inspection and Enforcement (DPIE) for a drainage system study and slope stability geotechnical investigation and analysis. Wallace Montgomery has submitted a request for Change Order #2 in the amount of $34,850 to cover other additional permit-related work for the “goat path” connections to the shopping center, and additional electrical design and permit coordination during the extended construction
phase of the project.

This project is in the FY23 Capital Improvement Program and is funded through the General Fund, bond bills and Program Open Space. The Finance Director has indicated that additional funding if needed will be utilized, if necessary, from other CIP reserve accounts.

At this Tuesday’s meeting, the Council approved a Contract amendment in the amount of $34,850 to Wallace Montgomery for additional construction phase support services for the Hollywood Streetscape Project.

City will Ask M-NCPPC to Fund NCP Community Center, Pedestrian Bridge, and More..

At tonight’s meeting, the City Council will consider approving a letter to Park and Planning Commission asking to fund several projects in College Park. The requests include:
(a)   The Council requests that M-NCPPC include capital funding for a Community Center in north College Park in anticipation of the completion of the feasibility study this fall.
(b)   To fund a pedestrian bridge from the Paint Branch Playground to the trail on the western side of the river. This small connection will greatly enhance access to the playground, frisbee golf course, the Aviation Museum, Junior Tennis Champions Center, and other amenities.
(c)   To fund needed renovation and equipment replacement for the Hollywood Park, the Lakeland playground, and the College Park Community Center in Lakeland. M-NCPPC has funded much-needed improvements to the College Park Woods playground, but the gazebo is not ADA accessible, and we request funding for that work.
(d)   To fund trail lighting in high-traffic areas of the trail system in College Park, particularly the Paint Branch Trail north of MD 193.

Please Ask MNCPPC to Fund Design and Construction of the North College Park Community Center


Thank you all who attended last night’s Public Hearing on M-NCPPC’s FY24 budget. In case you didn’t get a chance to attend last night’s forum, you still have opportunities to send your comments in writing.

Here are a few talking points you may want to use when you ask to fund the designs and construction of the North College Park Community Center.

  • A community center in north College Park will add a fantastic amenity for our residents of all ages.
  • The North College Park Community Center project has been in M-NCPPC’s long-range Formula 2040 plan for many years.
  • I thank M-NCPPC for funding the feasibility study in the current budget.
  • The project team has been working with the community to find the best location for the center.
  • The feasibility study is expected to be completed in October when the project will be ready for design and construction.
  • The City of College Park and the State of Maryland have committed to invest in the design and construction of the center
  • With these partnership opportunities, I ask the MNCPPC to include funding for the design and construction in MNCPPC’s FY 24 budget.

Written comments will be accepted until Tuesday, November 1, 2022, via mail, fax, or email.

Written statements can be submitted to:

Mail: Peter A. Shapiro, Chair, Prince George’s County Planning Board, 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772

Fax: Chair Shapiro, 301-952-5074


District 1 Council Bulletin: Time to Give Your Input About North College Park Community Center

For many years, our community has been asking to build a community center in north College Park. Thanks to many of your advocacy, the MNCPPC finally agreed to fund a feasibility study for the proposed center. The project team engaged the residents, looked into a few sites in north College Park, and shortlisted two locations – one at the Hollywood Shopping Plaza and the other at Hollywood Park near the Metro. Based on the community’s input, the team adjusted the conceptual design of these sites and presented these designs at their table at College Park Day yesterday. Additionally, they will hold a virtual community meeting via Zoom tomorrow at 6 pm and discuss these designs in more detail. We’re asking you for two specific help.

(a) Please attend the virtual community meeting at 6 pm tomorrow, Monday, October 17 and give your input.
To join the forum, please register here at:

(b) Please advocate for the design and construction funds at the budget forum this Tuesday, October 18 – Register to Speak before Noon tomorrow, Monday, October 17
Now that the feasibility study of the proposed north College Park Community Center is coming to an end, it’s time for us to advocate for funding in M-NCPPC’s new budget so that the project can go through the final design and construction. Please attend this Tuesday’s virtual Public Hearing at 7 pm to make that happen. To speak at the hearing, please register before noon tomorrow, Monday, at:

Planned North College Park Community Center: Learn More and Provide Input

In collaboration with the M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation Prince George’s County, I invite you to learn about the future of recreation in North College Park and give your input on various sites and conceptual designs for the planned North College Park Community Center.

There are two opportunities to participate:

Stop by the M-NCPPC Tent at College Park Day

Saturday, October 15 from 12:00 – 6:00 PM

College Park Aviation Museum & Airport, 1985 Corporal Frank Scott Drive, College Park

Virtual Community Meeting on Zoom

Monday, October 17 from 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Registration Link – click HERE

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

City may Acquire Berwyn Property for Community Amenity

The City and the College Park Volunteer Fire Department (CPVFD) have negotiated and agreed on a contract of sale for the purchase of 5100 Roanoke Place for $63,800.

The City will acquire the 13,575 square foot property from the CPVFD using State of Maryland Program Open Space (POS) funding . The deposit for the contract of sale is $2500, which will be held in escrow until settlement.

The City plans to work with the neighborhood to determine future improvements as public open spaces.

At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will hold a public hearing on a proposal to acquire the property using POS funds. The Council will vote on the item later in the meeting.

New County Bill to Eliminate Standards for Expedited Transit-oriented Development

The Prince George’s County Council has recently introduced CB-97-2022 to eliminate standards for expedited transit-oriented development in the Local Transit-Oriented (LTO) Zone and tie the requirement for a detailed site plan to certain project characteristics rather than the size of the project.

Specifically, suppose an existing residential or commercial use is redeveloped as a mixed-use project under the Expedited Transit-Oriented Development Review section of the Zoning Ordinance (27-3619) and is within 2,500 feet of an existing metro rail station. In that case, the regulations for development in the LTO Zones shall not apply. Instead, regulations such as density, parking, setbacks, height, etc. are waived and established with the approved Detailed Site Plan.

Under expedited review, all county agencies must make such review the highest priority. The Planning staff has five working days to review and accept or reject the application, and the Planning Board is required to decide on a site plan application within sixty days after an application is accepted. The new Zoning Ordinance requires a Detailed Site Plan review for ten or more residential dwelling units and 25,000 or more square feet of nonresidential development, a change from the previous Zoning Ordinance that had widespread community support. CB-97-2022 requires a Detailed Site Plan for any mixed-use redevelopment project without adequately defining these terms.

The areas in College Park impacted by this bill include Downtown College Park and the east side of Route 1 in the Lakeland neighborhood. This bill would also cover the area recently rezoned to LTO as part of the Adelphi Road-Purple Line Sector Plan.

At next week’s meeting, the City Council will consider sending a letter opposing the bill.

Duvall Field Final Design Nearing Completion

After many years of planning and community discussion, the redesign project of City’s Duvall Field is nearing completion. The Mayor and Council will take a look at the latest design and give its fees back at next Tuesday’s meeting. The project team will then work to finalize the design and start construction, which may start sometime late next year.

KCI Technologies, the project’s consultant, has completed 60% design plans for the Phase 2 renovation of Duvall Field and will present them to City Council for feedback on September 6. This follows a community meeting held on July 26, were approximately 21 residents attended and provided comments. The plans were generally well received, and input from the meeting is being incorporated into refined plans.

The new field will have some fantastic features, such as a multipurpose soccer field with natural turf, a walking trail, a baseball field, a basketball court, an event lawn with a stage area, playground. an exercise station, a picnic pavilion, and more.

A few proposed features require further discussion to determine if they should be part of the base bid for construction, included as add-alternates in the bidding documents or deleted from the plans.

(a) Splash Pad: There is community support for this type of water feature, but there is also concern over costs. Installation is estimated at $200,000, including modifications to the existing concession building to convert the storage room to a pump room. Another storage facility will need to be located on-site to accommodate equipment storage for the Boys and Girls Club and others. Maintenance is estimated at $30,000/year.

(b) Amphitheatre Storage Rooms: The proposed amphitheater is a prefabricated structure that does not include any storage facilities. Our Communications and Events staff would like the ability to keep materials and props on site to facilitate set up and execution for events. The estimated cost to design and construct storage incorporated into the amphitheater is $100,000.

(c) Amphitheater Audio/Visual Equipment: Lighting and sound equipment have not been included as part of the amphitheater structure. The design and installation of these features could cost up to $150,000, depending on the nature of the system.

The consultants with their structural engineering team will provide an updated PowerPoint presentation at the Worksession. The community meeting and presentation may be viewed here.

This project is part of the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget. There is an estimated $5.4 million available for Phase 2 construction.

City to Ask GSA to Select Greenbelt as the Home of the Future FBI Headquarters

The FBI Headquarters in D.C.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is close to selecting the final location of the future FBI headquarters.

The Mayor and Council will consider sending a letter to the GSA expressing its strong support for locating a new headquarters for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) adjacent to the Greenbelt Metro Station.

The letter states many benefits of selecting the Greenbelt locations. The site is also accessible for agency staff and visitors via the metro system and I-495.

This is the only site option at a metro station; selecting it will result in lower greenhouse gas emissions and less traffic congestion than other options.

The University of Maryland, with many programs, will be close to the FBI Headquarters if the Greenbelt location is selected.

Finally, the letter asks the GSA to consider prioritizing equity in making agency location decisions.

228 Townhome Development Planned in North College Park

Two development proposals are in the works to build 228 single-family townhomes (attached homes) in the Cherry Hill / Autoville neighborhood

(a) Paint BranchPreserve North: 131 Single Family Attached Residential Units 4711, 4801 Cherry Hill Road and 9624, 9626, 9628, 9700, 9702 Autoville Drive (Block B Lots 1 and 19 and Parcels 5, 150, 178, 15, 14 and 16; Zoning: NAC and RMF-20). The development will have 66 units 22 ft front-loaded townhomes and 65 units 20 ft rear integral townhomes.

(b) Paint BranchPreserve South: 97 Single Family Attached Residential Units at 4300, 4302 Peru Road, and 9606 Autoville Drive, College Park,(Parcels 21, 24, and 112; Zoning: NAC). This development will have 97 units 20 ft rear integral townhomes.

According to the project documents,

  • The property will be served by two primary points of access. Access will be from Cherry Hill Road and Autoville Drive.
  • All units will have two have a two-car garage.
  • Units will have a combination of three and four stories (or three stories with optional lofts).
  • A centrally located open space amenity area is also planned.
  • Disbursed guest parking is provided throughout the property with an emphasis on parking proximate to the amenity area.
  • The site will include native species landscaping in conformance with the Prince George’s County Landscape Manual and will adequately address the Tree Canopy Coverage requirements.

There will be a Pre-Application Neighborhood Meeting at 6:30 PM (doors open at 6 PM), on August 31, at Mamma Lucia, 4734 Cherry Hill Road, College Park to review and discussion of the development proposals. A developer representative will be available to answer questions

The following concept plans are preliminary in nature and are subject to changes.

Paint branch preserve north

Paint branch preserve south

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