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The Metropolitan Development in North College Park Comes Before Council

In tomorrow’s worksession, the City Council will discuss the Metropolitan Development at Route 1 and Cherokee Street.

The original DSP for this project was submitted by JPI Development Services, LP and was called Jefferson Square at College Park. It was approved by the District Council on March 6, 2007 with conditions. The City entered into a Declaration of Covenants and Agreement with the applicant which was never recorded as the subject property was not purchased and the project was not developed. DSP’s are typically not valid beyond three years, however, the District Council has extended the validity period for county DSP’s until December 31, 2013 (legislation is pending to extend this period further).

Metropolitan Development Group has submitted a DSP application to MNCPPC in order to make some changes to the already approved plans. The Planning Board hearing is scheduled for December 5, 2013.

Elevation from Route 1

College Park, MD 20740



Current site from Route1


The following table summarizes the differences between the previous approved plan and the proposed amended plan. The Detailed Site Plan (DSP) is being reviewed for compliance under the 2002 sector plan not the 2010 plan.

 Approved PlanAmended Plan
Total units205283
Townhomes (Total)4555
16′ wide031
20′ wide3024
24′ wide150
Multi-family (Total)160228
1 bedroom7793
2 bedrooms6796
3 bedrooms160
Building Height5 stories3-6 stories 1
Proposed Lot Coverage128,938 sf130,441 sf
Total parking spaces592398
Loading spaces323
Retail space41,500 sf4,133 sf

We have a few concerns about the proposed changes, especially in the areas of parking and the reduced number of retails. We plan to meet with residents and developers and discuss those concerns.

Development Updates on Route 1 in North College Park

Gateway Park construction to start soon

I often get questions about the status of developments on and along Route 1, especially on the part that crosses north College Park. Here are a few things I think we can talk about.

1. Gateway Park: At the south side of Edgewood Road intersection, just south of Beltway, the construction of the Gateway Park will begin fairly soon, possibly in this year. The final design has been approved and we gave the contract to a landscaping firm to construct the park.

2. 9909 Baltimore Ave. (The Spooky House). On the north side of the Gateway Park, we’ve started working with the community to replace the current so called spooky house by something nice that our residents can enjoy. There are suggestions about turning this into a park using some unused grant money. A committee has been formed involving residents living int he area and looking into various options.

3. Down south on Route 1, we started working with the SHA to have signalized crosswalks at Cherryhill. The construction has been completed and the

4. Also, SHA has been working on a plan to build continuous sidewalk on east side of Route 1 from Cherry Hill to Cherokee. Representatives from the SHA came to the Council meeting back in June this year to talk about the plan. Please read more about that here. Several month ago, I took a walk along Route 1 in north College Park with our City engineer and Council member Wojahn to check the pedestrian safety issues there.

5. Removing Eyesores: Further in the South, we gave contracts to take down 2 eyesores, one at Cherokee street and another at Fox St. Please read more about these projects here.

6. Two new developments are coming to the area around Cherokee Street, formerly known as JPI East and JPI West development. Each will bring some 8000 sq ft of retails.

7. A little further down, the City worked with the state to get 20 million for the engineering work of re-development of Route 1 in the south of Rt 193. This is a good news because sooner this part is developed, sooner we can start working on part in north College Park.

Proposed JPI East Development on Route 1 and Cherokee

Metropolitan Development forwarded us their latest renderings for the mixed-use development  at 9091 Baltimore Avenue, just south of Cherokee street. The proposed development has 228 apartments, 55 town homes and 3,955 SF of retail. I will post the town home rendering, once we receive those. The developer came to NCPCA meeting back in April and discussed their new design.

Looking from South

Looking from South

JPI-East Elev West

Looking from west

View from north

View from north

View from east

View from east

College Park, MD 20740

Tonight’s NCPCA Meeting: JPI East and Gateway Park

NCPCA - It's Your Neighborhood Association

Today is the second Thursday of the month and is the day for our monthly NCPCA meeting.

Here are two important development items that NCPCA will discuss at tonight’s meeting:

7:35 Revised Development Plan for JPI East. The wooded land on Cherokee St. at US 1 was planned for apartments and retail, but the project has been stalled.   Now, a new developer will present details for a revised concept. Please see below a map showing the location of this development. I will make another post once I find more details of this development.

8:20 Hollywood Gateway Park. The City will demolish the small brick house at Edgewood Road and US 1 and build a landscaped park for public use.  Many themes have been considered for this park, but now the City is close to a decision… and wants your feedback. Please check my yesterday’s post on more about this development.

As always, meeting will start at 7:30pm at Davis Hall. See you all there.

College Park, MD 20740

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