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Council to Vote on the Storage Facility Plan on Route 1

At tomorrow’s meeting, the City Council will vote on the Detailed Site plan (DSP) at the property located on the west side of US-1 at 9604 Baltimore Avenue across from Hollywood Road.

The proposed project will raze the existing building, currently used as an office (Atlas Realty, Inc.), and construct a 6-story storage facility. The project will be accessed from a shared 25-foot wide private right-of-way. The property is zoned Commercial Shopping Center (C-S-C) DDOZ in the Corridor Infill Character Area.

A storage facility is not a permitted use at this property, however, the applicant is requesting an amendment that requires an approval by the District Council. The sector plan only allows a building with a height of no more than 4 stories. If approved, this development will be the first in College Park with a use not supported in the 2010 Route 1 sector plan.

On June 19th, City Council recommended, by a vote of 5 to 3, approval with conditions for Preliminary Plan of Subdivision-JDA Consolidated Storage to create one parcel at 9604 Baltimore Avenue. City Staff recommends supporting DSP-18017 for JDA Baltimore Avenue Consolidated Storage with conditions.

Comments can be made at the meeting or via emails at: up until 5 pm next Tuesday.

Council Approves Subdivision Plan of Route 1 Storage

At last night’s meeting, the City Council supported the preliminary subdivision plan of the JDI storage facility project on Route 1 in north College Park. The vote was a close one (5-3). Council members Rigg, Mitchel, and Kabir voted against the plan.

The US Route 1 sector plan prohibits the use of the property as a storage at this location.

Additionally, I had concerns about the use of the property as a “storage facility” on such a visible/prime location on our main street (Route 1). I was looking at the list of businesses/amenities residents wanted to see on this corridor back in 2011 when the City hosted the “Route 1 visioning session” (please see report here), I don’t think storage was anything that the residents wanted to see here. For good reason, it’s not a permitted use in the Route 1 sector plan. While we’re concerned about the sector plan compliance in regards to the CFA moving to College Park, I’d ask ourselves to think more before we approve a storage business at the location.

The Council will consider reviewing the detailed site plan of the project in July. Now that we supported the preliminary plan last night (knowing that they want to build a storage facility there), It will be really odd if we tell the JDA that we don’t want to see a storage there when we weigh in on the DSP next month.

13 residents wrote to the Mayor and Council, all asking the Council to oppose the preliminary plan.

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