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Council to Discuss Second Phase of Duvall Field Development

The Council will discuss the second and final phase of the Duvall Field development project. Duvall Field is the home of the College Park Boys and Girls Club, and has seen countless games of youth soccer, football and lacrosse played on its fields. It is also a great community space as events like National Night Out and Night at the Movies have been held there. Sports facilities like this usually need 3G football pitch surfacing, marking the field and courts, maintenance of equipment, etc.

As part of the first phase of the renovation of the Duvall Field facilities, the old concession stand was torn down and a brand new beautiful concession building was erected in its place. The plaza has also been upgraded with tons of added seating areas as well as state-of-the-art stormwater management and bio-retention features. The project has been supported by the State and our State legislative delegation with Program Open Space and Bond Bill Funds.

A state bond bill was requested in 2017 to replace the existing field lighting and $150,000 was received. The State agreement in the bill is broadly worded to include planning, design, construction, reconstruction and capital equipping for Duvall Field. A comprehensive improvement plan was previously prepared for this facility over 10 years ago but is now out of date and should be revisited.

Staff believes that the important next step is to determine the amenities and facilities to be included in the park, the construction phasing and allocation of funding. This could be accomplished by retaining a parks and recreation design firm to prepare a new conceptual plan for Duvall with input from the community.

It is likely that the field area south of the concessions building would be the next phase for design and construction with the area to the north that includes the playground and parking as the third and final phase.

Duvall Field: In Next Phase, City Plans to Redesign Playing Fields, Add New Lighting, Playground and Walking Trail

If you haven’t been already, the City’s primary recreational facility, Duvall Field recently got some major upgrades for its concession building and plaza.

Duvall Field is the home of the College Park Boys and Girls Club, and has seen countless games of youth soccer, football and lacrosse played on its fields. It is also a great community space as events like National Night Out and Night at the Movies have been held there.

As part of the first phase of renovation of the Duvall Field facilities, the old concession stand was torn down and a brand new beautiful concession building was erected in its place. The plaza has also been upgraded with tons of added seating areas as well as state-of-the-art storm water management and bio-retention features. The project has been supported by the State and our State legislative delegation with Program Open Space and Bond Bill Funds; it would have been difficult for the City to have moved this project forward.

On Friday, October 13, the City held a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration to mark the completion of the first phase of renovation (which had been discussed and planned over the last ten years!). We had lots of neighbors and families come to our celebration, despite the less than ideal weather.

There is still more work to be done here, and a new State bond bill was just authorized in the last State legislative session to help the City begin work on Phase 2. This phase will include updating the playing fields and providing new lighting. Other ideas include a new playground, walking trails, fitness stations and (may be) a dog park. The City plans to engage the residents interested in the phase. If you’re interested in joining the conversation, please let me know. Thank you.

[Source: City of College Park]

Council to Discuss New Duvall Field Concession Building Use Policies

The community celebrated the grand opening of the Duvall Field concession building and the surrounding plaza last Friday.

This gives us an opportunity to discuss the current and future use of Duvall Field facilities including field use and improvements. Food service has been limited due to Health Department regulations.

There are existing Council-approved rules and regulations for use of city-owned recreation facilities, including Duvall Field. Use of the concession building has been managed through a permit process. The Council may wish for the Recreation Board to propose separate use criteria for the concession/restroom facilities for events when the fields are not in use.

The City Council will discuss the field use policies of the concession building at this week’s worksession. Representatives of the College Park Boys and Girls Club and the Recreation Board have been invited to participate in the work session discussion about the future use of these facilities. CPB&GC has been granted precedence by the Council over other field use applicants.

City May Get State Funds for Duvall Field Reconstruction Project

I attended College Park’s annual legislative dinner last night to talk about the second phase of the Duvall field reconstruction project. The dinner was attended by a number of representatives from the County, State and the Federal government.
Duvall Field, the largest City-owned park, is located along Rhode Island Avenue between Delaware Place and Blackfoot Place.  It is a multi-use facility with playing fields for football, soccer and softball, a children’s playground, a concession/restroom building and on-site parking.  The College Park Boys and Girls Club and the community at large are the major users of this centrally located and highly visible park.
The City has had the goal of renovating this facility for many years, but the high costs and lack of City funding have delayed the full initiation of the project.  The first phase, a new concession/restroom building and surrounding recreation plaza, will be completed in spring 2017.  Remaining phases include major renovation and upgrades of all playing fields and lighting, and replacement of the playground equipment. 
Thanks to Senator Jim Rosapepe for agreeing to support our request for the State funding of the second phase of the project. We’re also seeking funds from other sources for the second phase.

Duvall Field Project Gets Expanded Scope

Last summer, the City Council awarded two contracts for the replacement of the concession / restroom building at Duvall Field in order to preserve State of Maryland funding that was nearing expiration. The State approved these contracts and a Notice to Proceed was issued in November 2014. Subsequently, a developer contribution was received that provides matching funds for the use of previously encumbered Program Open Space funding.

This additional funding will enable the current scope of work to be expanded to include improvements to the plaza area and walkways surrounding the concession building. A change order for additional design, engineering and construction management services is needed to accommodate this expanded work.

The original contract in the amount of $44,990 was limited in scope to include the minimum work necessary to accommodate a new pre-engineered building provided by others. The scope of work included a site plan, demolition plan, sediment control and storm water plans and coordination with the building manufacturer.

The proposed new work includes developing design alternatives for an enhanced plaza area and walkways along with preparing the final design plans and permits. Additional landscaping, lighting and other site amenities are also part of the scope. Construction administration was not part of the original contract but is now being included. CPJ’s cost proposal is for $44,918 and $35,606, respectively, for a total additional amount of $80,524.

Staff from the Departments of Planning, Public Works and Engineering reviewed the proposed changes and find them reasonable and acceptable.

Duval Field Feb 17 2015

Council to Discuss Gateway Park and Duvall Field Projects

The City of College Park has been notified that the City will be receiving $129,169 in FY 2015 POS funds based on the 2010 census population. Applications for acquisition and/or development projects must be submitted by June 20, 2014.

Typically, POS funding must be divided equally between acquisition and development projects. This year, all of our allocation may be used for development projects, which require a 25% match of local funds. The city has two development projects, Duvall Field ($979,228) and Hollywood Gateway Park ( $147,723), and an acquisition project called US Route 1 Open Space Acquisition ($575,571), which is a holding account until specific projects are identified.

Duvall Field is moving forward with the replacement of the concessions/restroom building as the first phase of the project, and requires additional matching funds before the remaining POS allocation may be utilized.

The Hollywood Gateway Park project will be ready for construction bidding in the fall. The city was recently notified that the Chesapeake Bay Trust (CBT) grant application for this project in the amount of $250,000 was approved for only $150,886. Staff recommends that the city’s entire FY 2015 allocation of $129,169 be assigned to this project to accommodate the shortfall. Matching funds are available through the unrestricted C.I.P. Reserve and CBT grant funds could be utilized for this purpose, if needed.

The City Council previously authorized the acquisition of two additional lots in order to expand the Hollywood Gateway Park. Approximately $80,000 from the US Route 1 Open Space Acquisition account is needed to cover the purchase and related costs (appraisals, survey, settlement fees). When approved by the Board of Public Works, this will leave a balance o f$495,571 which could be allocated to other acquisition projects.

Staff is recommending allocating $129,169.03 to the Hollywood Gateway Park for the city’s FY2015 POS program and creating a new acquisition project for the expansion of Hollywood Gateway Park utilizing previous POS allocations for acquisition.

Duvall Field to Get a New Concession Building

Duvall Field Concession building

Duvall Field concession building

Due to the high cost (over $5,000,000) of renovation of the entire Duvall Field complex, the city has reexamined the project to make it more affordable. With input from the Boys and Girls Club and other community members, it was determined that the parking areas and playground could remain as-is and that a regulation football field was not an important feature. The replacement of the existing concession/restroom building with a new building and upgraded plaza is a priority and a practical first phase of the project.

The College Park Boys and Girls Club was awarded a $75,000 matching grant from the State of Maryland for this purpose that will expire on June 1, 2014 unless the funds are encumbered.

Staff has been working with the original engineering firm on the project, Charles P. Johnson and Associates, Inc. (CPJ), in order to identify a path forward and update project costs. Approximately $300,000 is currently available to move forward with replacing the concession/restroom building. An additional $979,228 in encumbered POS funds will become available once the city can provide the required 25% match (developer contribution). The sources of the funds on hand are as follows:

State capital grant $ 75,000
city match required for state grant $ 75,000
program open space (POS) $110,000
city match required for POS $ 37,000

Staff proposes the award of two contracts at this time which will obligate the state grant funds and required match ($150,000). One contract is for engineering services including geotechnical and property surveys, preparation of site plan, sediment control plan, stormwater management plan, planting plan, paving plan, coordination with the building manufacturer and construction bidding assistance. CPJ Associates is recommended for this award in an amount not to exceed $45,000. The second contract is for a building manufacturer to supply and ship construction supplies and building packages. Staff recommends award of this contract to Romtec, a General Services Administration (GSA)- approved, pre-engineered building company in an amount not to exceed $115,000. The city attorney has confirmed the authority of the city to use this GSA source of supply and services. The building plan (2085 Model, Concession Level 2), elevations and specifications are attached and include multi-stall men’s and women’s restrooms, concession room with covered entry outside, storage room, mechanical room and drinking fountain.

The total amount of these contracts is estimated not to exceed $160,000. The formal cost proposals from both firms will be available next week. The estimated cost of building construction is $100,000 and will be bid and awarded separately. At tonight’s worksession, the Council is expected to consider approving this project.

City Eyes Acquiring Four Houses on 50th Place, Then Backs Off

Houses on 50th Place - 'Not for sale!'

The City was considering acquiring four properties on 50th place (map below) across Duvall Field, according to the documents published on City’s website.

However, opposition against the plan forced the City to back off from having  such acquisitions. The City staff instead recommended to spend the the related funds on other Duvall Field or Hollywood Gateway Park related projects.

It seems a while ago staff looked into the idea just to see what options were available. Staff were told by the owners there was no interest to sell and backed away at that point.” – says council member Afzali (Dist. 4)

The purchase would allow the City to expand Duvall Field’s existing boundaries towards east.

Each year the City of College Park receives an allocation of Program Open Space (POS) funds. The funds are generated from the real estate transfer tax and are proportionately distributed to the counties. The City has opted to administer its own program and is required to submit proposed projects through the Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) for approval prior to seeking approval from the State.

The City of College Park has been informed that its Program Open Space (POS) allocation for Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 is $174,774. Applications for acquisition and/or development projects must be submitted to the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC) by June 17, 2011. Eligible projects will be forwarded by M-NCPPC to the state for approval.

The City document says currently the City has allocated funds to two development projects: Duvall Field ($954,925) and Hollywood Gateway Park ($59,024).

A cost estimate of $520,000 has been prepared for the first phase of Duvall Field’s comprehensive renovation which involves the construction of a new concession building and storage area, with Americans with Disabilities Act compatible restroom facilities.

The City’s available budget for acquisition is $576,598. These funds had previously been set aside for acquisition of #1 Liquor (8200 Baltimore Avenue) and were pending approval by the Board of Public Works. Acquisition projects do not require a local match.

The City has several options for expenditure of its FY 12 POS allocation of $174,774. The City can put the entire amount toward acquisition, put the entire amount toward development for either Hollywood Gateway Park or for Duvall Field or allocate funding between these two projects in some combination or divide the funds between acquisition and the two development projects in various ways.

City Staff recommended taking advantage of the opportunity to allocate 100% of the FY12 POS allocation to development; allocating $86,475 to Hollywood Gateway Park based on available matching funds and the balance to Duvall Field ($88,299) in anticipation of receiving developer contribution matching funds.

Council member Nagle wants no funds be allocated in the Hollywood Gateway project. “It’s a total waste” – she says.

The City council will debate the allocation of the POS funds in tomorrow night’s council meeting.

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College Park, MD 20740

College Park, MD 20740

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