The Applicant, York Acquisitions, LLC, has submitted a Detailed Site Plan request for a student housing project consisting of two parcels (0.846 acres), located on the north and south side of Knox Road at its intersection with Guilford Drive.

The northern parcel contains an existing 2-story brick building (982 square feet) and a 3-story brick building (6,567 square feet), and the southern property contains an existing 2-story brick building (2,182 square feet).

The proposal is to raze these structures and construct a 7-9-story building on each parcel for a total of 129 dwelling units (418 beds). There will be ancillary retail space on the ground floor of both buildings totaling 2,080 square feet.

Parking will be provided in a parking garage beneath Building 1 containing 99 parking spaces accessed via Knox Road. The Planning Board hearing date is scheduled for April 8, 2021.

At tonight’s worksessions, the Council will discuss the detailed site plan.