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City Eyes Acquiring Four Houses on 50th Place, Then Backs Off

The City was considering acquiring four properties on 50th place (map below) across Duvall Field, according to the documents published on City’s website. However, opposition against the plan forced the City to back off from having  such acquisitions. The City staff instead recommended to spend the the related funds on other Duvall Field or Hollywood […]

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Was Eminent Domain a Factor in City’s U-Turn on #1 Liquor?

As we predicted earlier, in last week’s council meeting, the City council finally put a stop to the acquisition of #1 Liquor business on Route 1, reversing its own 2009 decision. The political drama surrounding the council decision leaves one wondering what happened over the past two years that  has led to this U-turn decision. […]

Council May Make a U-Turn on #1 Liquor Purchase

With council election only a few months away, and an increasing number of residents are voicing their oppositions, the City Council may soon vote on a motion that will permanently put a stop to the negotiation to purchase #1 Liquor property on Route 1. The small parcel of property (8200 Baltimore Avenue) is sandwiched in between two recently […]

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NCP Residents Ask City to Remove Acquisition of #1 Liquor from Budget

Steve Groh and Terry Schum presented the proposed Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to the North College Park Citizens Association on Thursday night on behalf of the City Manager. The NCPCA voted unanimously to ask the Council to remove the acquisition of #1 Liquor at 8200 Baltimore Avenue from the CIP.  “Members did not feel that this […]

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