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Grocery Giveaway, and Turkey Drive

Grocery Giveaway
Please save the date for another Grocery Giveaway next weekend on Sunday, Nov 14th #grocerygiveaway. The event is open to all! Please spread the word. Thank you

Turkey Drive

Also, please help families in need this Thanksgiving! Donate a small frozen turkey and help us meet the goal of distributing 250 turkeys 🦃! The College Park Food Bank will be collecting frozen turkeys Friday, November 12, and Friday,

November 19 from 4 to 6pm. Thanks for helping reduce hunger in our communities!

👉 Please pledge to donate here: . Thank you for your support!


Volunteerism in Action: Gazette Features NCP Resident

Lisa Eally, featured in Gazette

This week’s Gazette has featured Lisa Ealley a long time resident of north College Park.

Lisa has been well known for her volunteering works, especially her almost daily services at the Meals and Wheels program. The program runs off United Methodist Church at the Rhode Island avenue and serves subsidized foods to low income residents, mostly in College Park and the neighboring cities.

She also is the treasurer of Girl Scout service unit 23-5, which encompasses Greenbelt, Berwyn Heights, University Park and College Park, and trains area troop leaders.

She spends most evenings, about four hours a week, trying to balance the organization’s books, a task that’s gotten more difficult as the economy has slowed, she said. College Park Meals on Wheels provides food for up to 60 homebound individuals daily. – The Gazette writes.

Congratulations, Lisa! Keep up the good work!

See the full Gazette article here.

Profiles of Service : Part 2 – Meals on Wheels

Volunteers serving food (the Gazette)

College Park’s oldest food serving program is celebrating 35 year this year.

Based in the United Methodist Church on Rhode Island Avenue, the program feeds between 60 to 65 people three meals a day, Monday to Friday. The College Park Meals on Wheels is one of the 5000 local similar chapters in the country.

The group has volunteers ranging from teenagers to octogenarians and serves residents in College Park, Berwyn Heights and parts of Beltsville and Greenbelt. It buys its own ingredients; delivers items including fish, fruits, vegetables and sandwiches; and also gives customers non-perishable food packages for weather emergencies, according to this Gazette article.

Ms. Lisa Ealley is the treasurer of the program. She said in an email to me that the need (for the program) is great. “There are so many people that call us from areas that we don’t serve that we have to turn down,” she added.

In years past, the group has relied on federal funding, the cities of College Park and Greenbelt, local politicians, community organizations and private donors to help cover more than $100,000 in annual costs.

In recent years the rough economy forced the group to raise its weekly price for recipients from $20 to $25 in February. The group also had to buy a new $3,500 refrigerator after the old one stopped working this winter.

The program has received grants of as much as $2,500 from the College Park City Council in past years, but Ealley convinced council members to allocate $3,500 in this year’s city budget. Meals on Wheels volunteers are still hoping they’ll be able to ride out the difficult economic times and continue preparing meals and carrying them to residents for years to come.

“Our main criteria [to give someone food] are that they are unable to prepare food for themselves. So some of our recipients are only clients for a few weeks and some have been with us for years!” – said Ms. Ealley.

Ms. Ealley said the group is also in need of people who can help to deliver meals or work in the kitchen. “We have many volunteers (many of our volunteers qualify for our meals!) but they are unable to work every day so there are days that we have a very small set of helping hands.”

She said the group is the only face that some recipients see for weeks on end. “We are their “lifeline” and have had instances where we have been the ones calling for an ambulance. “

If you would like to help out Meals on Wheels either by your donations or spending time, please contact Lisa Ealley at “Working with this program is extremely rewarding and we are fortunate that we can continue to provide for our clients” – said Ms. Ealley.

Profiles of Service – Part 1: College Park Community Food Bank

College Park Food Bank (Washington Post)

I’ve been thinking to start a series of posts featuring social services that a number of our community groups provide. At a time when many in community are going through economic hardships, I think it’s worth focusing on them.

Today, I’ll start the series with the College Park Community Food Bank, which runs off the Church of the Nazarene on Rhode Island Avenue.

The food bank started its operation since October 2008, after it received a few calls from needy families. That inspired a few members of the Church to start a small food distribution for 30 families. The program has now grown to become the Food Bank, a full-scale distribution that monthly serves 200-300 people.

Currently, the food bank does Saturday morning distributions once a month– usually on the 3rd Saturday of the month. The date of the next distribution is always on their homepage. They also do their best to get the word out in the local community by distributing flyers each month, getting the info in school newsletters, and reminding previous recipients.

There is no charge for the food they distribute. Their website says they are supported by donations and funds raised specifically for the food bank by a team of volunteers. One just needs to show up at one of our distributions– the 3rd Saturday of each month at 10am; there is no need to bring any paperwork or qualifying information.

They food bank gives out boxes of food that are a mix of non-perishables (soup, vegetables, beans, rice, pasta etc.), fresh bread and bagels, and fresh produce. Their specific selection of food varies every month based on availability & donations. They give out what they have until they run out so it’s best to show up at 10am. Folks can receive food at the next event by filling out this form

The food bank says it needs a lot of volunteering help. If you can , please do so by visiting this page.

[Source, the Washington Poat, the Gazette]

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