The next decennial census will occur in the spring of 2020. Obtaining an accurate count is critical to informed decision-making and securing sufficient funding to meet residents’ needs. Census data collected in 2020 will be used to reapportion congressional representation, redistrict legislative boundaries, and determine the annual distribution of federal funds for the next ten years.

To improve census participation and help ensure an accurate count, the Census Bureau has asked tribal, state, and local governments to organize Complete Count Committees (CCCs). At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will consider the formation of a Complete Count Committee by early next year. The CCC will consist of elected and community leaders of various groups working in the city.

According to the the proposal, the Committee shall be composed of up to ten (10) members who shall be appointed by the Mayor and Council. The Mayor and Council may consider representation from target groups in making their appointments, including:
 Council members, to serve as liaisons to the full Council (2);
 University of Maryland staff, possibly represented by the Department of Resident
Life and the Office of Community Engagement (2);
 University of Maryland students, possibly represented by the Student Government
Association and Interfraternity Council (2);
 The senior community, possibly represented by a Seniors Committee or Neighbors
Helping Neighbors member (1);
 The Hispanic Parent Support Group (1);
 A community association, possibly represented by the College Park Arts Exchange
(1); and
 The Prince George’s County Property Owners’ Association (PGPOA) (1).