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Tomorrow: Forum on Pedestrian & Bicyclist Behavioral Study

Tomorrow, On Wednesday, October 19, from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM Prince George’s County Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) will be hosting a virtual listening session discussing the Pedestrian and Bicyclist study.

Meeting participants will learn about the overall purpose of the study, the timeline of the project, and how the design of facilities can accommodate future active transportation users.

To RSVP, visit:

Rhode Island Avenue Protected Bike Lanes Project Materials

Recently, the City published the slides and other materials presented at last Wednesday’s community meeting at Davis Hall on the Rhode Island Avenue Protected Bike Lanes project. Here are the links.

Public Meeting Slides – Feb, 2018 

Conceptual Plan – Feb, 2018

Typical Sections – Feb, 2018

Buffer Materials Exhibit – Feb, 2018

The project’s goal is to (1) examine opportunities to improve safety and access on Rhode Island Avenue Frontage roads (2) Provide a continuous, safe and usable cycling route for all ages and abilities and (3) Connect College Park North and the Hollywood Commercial District with: Downtown College Park, Riverdale Park, Hyattsville and Metro/MARC

The consultant is expected to complete the 30% design work by May. After that, the community will be consulted to get further input.



New White Bike Stencils on Neighborhood Streets

Some of you have asked about the white bike stencils on Edgewood Rd and Hollywood Rd.

The project was funded by the Maryland Bike Way Grant project, which was administered through SHA. In FY 2013 the City spent $30,000 in painting stencils in some parts of old town. In FY2016 the City was awarded $75,000 which is now being implemented in Hollywood, Berwyn, Lakeland, and Calvert Hills. In Hollywood, the stencils will be painted mainly on streets (such as Edgewood and Hollywood) connecting Route 1 from Rhode Island Avenue.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
Bike Stencils

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