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Intermodal Town Hall Meeting, Tomorrow

Beltsville Intermodal

This Monday, November 21 at 7:00pm there will be an important public meeting on the truck stop plan at Beltsville Academy at 4300 Wicomico Ave off of Montgomery Rd.

You can come, learn more about their plan, and voice your opinion.

In an email, Senator Jim Rosapepe and 21st Delegates said

CSX railroad has proposed building a huge new truck stop in Beltsville to load and unload freight from trains. CSX wants to build their huge truck stop on Beltsville Agricultural Research Center property north of Sunnyside Avenue. Their plan will increase truck traffic on Rt. 1 and damage the environment in Beltsville.

Along with Councilwoman Mary Lehman, we are strongly opposed to their truck stop plan.

Also, if you’d like to learn more about it before the meeting or simply sign our petition against the proposed truck stop, go to

NCP Residents Oppose CSX Intermodal Facility

CSX and MDOT representatives at NCPCA

North College Park residents at the NCPCA meeting last night opposed the construction of a proposed CSX facility at the corner of Sunnyside avenue and Edmonston Road.

Sharon A. Daboin , CSX Resident Vice President and Bradley M. Smith, MDOT’s project manager were at the meeting to pitch for the proposed facility.

CSX and MDOT are saying without a new intermodal facility, Maryland cannot access the double-stack network. The network is an integral part of the national gateway, a public-private partnership between CSX railroad and several eastern states including Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia to provide what is called intermodal drayage transportation. The purpose of the project is to achieve a minimum of 21 feet of vertical clearance along CSX’s rail corridor.

Without the facility, it’s like we’re having a highway with no ramps. This will cause loss of new markets, business retention and attraction impacts. This means higher supply chain costs, slower economical growth and employment risks.” – said project manager Bradley Smith.

However residents at the meeting said they were concerned about the project’s impact on traffic in the area, especially on Route 1, Sunnyside avenue, Rt 201. In particular Sunnyside Rd., that borders north College Park is so small and narrow that it cannot safely handle 500-1000 hundred truck trips a day.

Other concerns about the project include damage to the Indian Creek watersheds and the surrounding wetlands, truck pollution, change of area’s zoning from residential open space (R-O-S) to open space (O-S).

Beltsville Intermodal

Beltsville location is one of the four proposed sites CSX/MDOT are considering in the area. The other 3 sites are located at Hanover, Jessup and Montevideo.

A group of Beltsville residents have already opposed the site location.

County council woman Mary Lehamn’s (Dist 1) representative Matt Dernoga was also at the meeting to read a letter from Ms. Lehman opposing the facility.

Proposed CSX Station Irks Area Residents


Beltsville is one of the proposed locations for a new facility that will allow the transfer of freight trailers and containers between trains and trucks. More help is available when you click on the website at to learn more about logistics services for your future reference. 
The suggested location is on Beltsville Agricultural Research Center property north of Sunnyside Ave. (CSX Intermodal Facility between Sunnyside Ave and Powder Mill Rd west of Kenilworth Ave). More details about the Intermodal project can be found here on the project’s website

Area’s residents say the proposed plan could have a significant impact on traffic and the environment in Beltsville, Berwyn Heights, College Park, Calverton, Laurel, Vansville and other surrounding communties in MD.

A communication from a group of Beltsville residents says “We are working to keep the community as it is through continuing to preserve our natural wildlife environment and keeping traffic to a minimum.  So far we have contacted the cities of Greenbelt and Laurel, the Beltsville Civic Association and the Citizens to Conserve and Restore Indian Creek (CCRIC) and they are opposed to the building of a CSX facility.  We would like your support in this endeavour.”

During the month of May the group will have several informal town hall meetings, post concerns in the local papers and set up a meeting with State Representatives to voice their concerns with the facility and request their support.  Are residents are asked to send emails to and their Facebook page (No Beltsville Intermodal) to get the latest updates on the proposed development.

Maryland Department of Transportation and the CSX Transportation, Inc held a public informational workshop on Wednesday, April 20, 2011at Beltsville Academy. MD 21st Delegation members were present at the meeting.

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