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Cancellations – Movie Night, Farmers Market and Go Electric Events

Unfortunately, due to forecasted inclement weather (wind), we have had to cancel tonight’s Movie Night. Here is the cancellation notice for tonight’s Movie Night that we have pushed out across our mediums:

Due to forecasted winds and rain from the impending storm, tonight’s movie night has been canceled. Unfortunately, the strong winds exceed safety standards for our inflatable movie screen, bounce house and tents. We apologize for any inconvenience; the safety of our attendees and staff is of our utmost concern.

We hope to see you at our next event, College Park Day, on October 7!

Due to the forecasted tropical storm, the Hollywood Farmers Market (at the MoM’s parking lot) has been canceled for tomorrow, Saturday, September 23rd. The Market apologizes for the inconvenience to its customers. Please stop by on Saturday, September 30th, for the market offering live music.

The Go Electric event has also been rescheduled for September 30th! Join the City’s Committee for a Better Environment from 10 AM – 1 PM at Hollywood Shopping Center to learn more about electric vehicles, bikes, and scooters. Learn more at 



Scrap Tire Drop Off Event

Join us for Scrap Tire Drop-Off Day.

Prince George’s County residents can conveniently drop off and dispose of up to 10 tires (per non-commercial vehicle), free of charge, from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Accokeek Village Park & Ride.

For more information, visit or contact PGC311.

National Clean-Up Day – September 16

The City of College Park is participating in National Clean Up Day!

Take action against litter – form a team, or volunteer by yourself to clean up any street or natural area of your choice.

Register at

For local information, contact or call 240-487-3593.



Low Income Household Water Assistance Program

The State received approval on Wednesday, September 6th from the Federal Government to extend the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP). Applications will continue being taken through Dec. 31, 2023 as opposed to the end of September. New LIHWAP applicants can apply for up to $10,000 (up from $2,000) as well as apply for small arrearages below $100! Visit to see if you qualify.

Teen Talk

This group program provides a safe space for Prince George’s County students ages 14-17 to discuss and explore everyday familial, educational, societal, and peer concerns. Through activities, sharing ideas, and talk sessions, we will build positive relationships with others and self!

The group meets on select Wednesdays from October through December. To receive community service hours, participants must commit to all 10 in-person sessions.

To register, call the Department of Youth, Family, and Senior Services by September 21 at 301-487-3550.

Council Continues to Discuss Strategies to Address Vacant and Blighted Properties

During the April 25, 2023, City Council meeting, a critical discussion unfolded surrounding vacant and blighted properties, as well as the potential implementation of special property tax rates. The meeting, which was driven by the need to encourage property owners to take corrective action, shed light on two main approaches: imposing a special property tax on offending properties or levying fines for non-compliance with City Code.

The central objective was not revenue generation but rather to cover expenses related to these properties and incentivize owners to address the issues. However, both approaches posed a set of common challenges, including the definition of ‘Vacant’ and ‘Blighted,’ identifying and notifying property owners, maintaining a registry of such properties, determining effective monetary incentives, and managing the increased workload for Code Enforcement staff.

Furthermore, considerations included exceptions for hardship cases, such as the death or catastrophic events of property holders, and the establishment of an appeals board. While both tax and fine options were discussed, a consensus seemed to favor concentrating efforts on vacant properties due to the complexities in defining ‘Blighted’ properties.

College Park’s unique status as a college town was also highlighted, influencing the definition of the required vacancy period. Typically, municipalities use 120 days as a benchmark, but College Park’s extended summer break may necessitate a 180-day threshold.

Code Enforcement is actively working on updating the list of potential vacant properties discussed during the meeting. This report underscores the city’s commitment to addressing these property-related challenges effectively.

National Suicide Prevention Month

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. According to National Institute of Mental Health, suicide was the 2nd leading cause of death for ages 10-14 and 25-34, and the 3rd leading cause of death for ages 15-24 in 2020. Suicide is preventable and there’s always hope. If someone is displaying warning signs of suicide or worrisome changes in behavior, it is vital to connect them to help immediately.

If you are struggling, you are not alone. Text, call, or chat 988 at any time to speak to a trained mental health professional, have a supportive conversation, and connect to resources.

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15th to October 15th to honor the contributions of Americans who trace their roots to Spain, Mexico, and the countries of Central and South America and the Caribbean.

We celebrate the Hispanic Americans who lift up our communities!


City Announces November Election Candidate List

As of today’s 4:00 filing deadline, the following as candidates have been qualified in the November General Election for the office listed below. Per the City Code, candidates wishing to withdraw an authorization of candidacy by September 17.

Mayor (Vote for One)
S. M. Fazlul Kabir

District 1 Councilmember (Vote for no more than two (2))
Kamthorn G. Clary
Bryan Haddad
Jacob T. Hernandez
Alan Y. Hew
Brian J. Roan

District 2 Councilmember (Vote for no more than two (2))
Llatetra Brown Esters
Susan L. Whitney

District 3 Councilmember (Vote for no more than two (2))
Amos Perez Abbott
Stuart M. Adams
John B. Rigg, III

District 4 Councilmember (Vote for no more than two (2))
Maria E. Mackie
Denise C. Mitchell

Remembering 9/11

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, a day that forever changed our nation and the world. As we pause to remember and reflect on this solemn occasion, I want to reach out to each and every one of you to honor the memory of those we lost and to reaffirm our commitment to unity, resilience, and hope.

The horrific attacks on that fateful day shook us to our core, but they also demonstrated the strength and resilience of the American spirit. We witnessed acts of heroism, compassion, and unity that continue to inspire us today.

In College Park, we stand together as a diverse and vibrant community, bound by our shared values of inclusivity and support. Let us remember that in the face of adversity, we can come together, support one another, and emerge stronger.

Today, I ask you to take a moment to remember the lives lost, the families forever changed, and the first responders who bravely answered the call. Let us also reflect on the lessons learned from that day—lessons of unity, compassion, and the importance of cherishing our freedoms and each other.

As we move forward, let us carry the memory of 9/11 with us as a reminder of the enduring power of hope and resilience. Together, we can build a better future for our community and our nation.

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