Car Free Day, September 2012

Carpool to the game. Ride Metro to a museum. Bike or walk to the grocery store. Combine errands. These are just a few of the ways that organizers of the Washington area’s 2012 Car Free Day — scheduled for Saturday, September 22 — say people can reduce or eliminate their use of private automobiles in celebration of the diversity of transportation modes available in the region.

It’s the first time since Car Free Day started being observed throughout metropolitan Washington in 2008 that the event falls on a Saturday. Ordinarily, when Car Free Day falls on a weekday, most of those who pledge to go car-free or “car-lite” are faced with finding alternative ways to get to and from work.

This year, however, many Car Free Day participants will be focusing on finding alternatives like transit, bicycling, walking, and carpooling to get to and from all the places other than work that people travel.

Please read more about this year’s Car Free Day at the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board’s (NCTPB) website here.