Our very own north College Park neighbor Donna Weene is in much needed funds for her kidney transplant surgery.

For those who are looking for professional surgical services, visit for more info.

Those who are suffering from a kidney disease just like Donna may consult the physicians at the Nephrology & Hypertension Medical Associates.

Donna’s daughter Rachel Elizabeth has launched a GoFundMe campaign. Here is the link to that campaign page. Rachel writes about the campaign:
She has done so much for me, my family, our community, our church, as well as individuals in need. She is on many committees in our community, she is a girl scout leader, a member of many groups at church, a daycare provider, and one of the best mother’s I know. I may be biased, but when I think of all the traits (good and bad) that a mother should have, she possesses them all. She has done so much for so many people and I think it is time something be done for her. My pride gets in the way of me asking for help, but I have to face the facts that I am one person and need help so I am turning to you guys.

Donna has served our community in many ways in the past, it’s now our turn to help her. Please pitch in and share with others. Thank you!