City is attempting to make your experience to get your parking permits easier. In a few months, you will not need to make a trip to the City Hall or Davis Hall to get your yearly parking permits. You will be able to order them online and get them mailed to you.

You will also have better user experience in paying parking fines, payment management, and citation adjudications. For example, residents should be able to contest parking tickets directly online, instead of downloading forms, filling them out and then sending them to the City office.

At tomorrow’s meeting, the City Council is going to approve a contract with the AIMS parking for a total of $139,240 over 3 years to get these enhanced services, in addition to other existing services. The previous contract has been used to maintain support software for handheld parking ticket writers, and deterioration of the handheld hardware due to age, replacement hardware and software options were investigated. Equipment, software and costs from several vendors were evaluated by Parking Enforcement and Information Technology staff.

The proposed full-service contract to AIMS, in the total amount of $139,240 ($37,580 year 1, $50,830 year 2, $50,830 year 3), for software support including cloud data management hosting, handheld ticket writers, on-line permit registration, and on-line ticket payment processing. Years two and three include the software support costs for the current AIMS product the City is using

On a related note, the temporary facilities at 8400 Baltimore Avenue are not well suited for long lines of over the counter permit applicants as we have had in the past at City Hall at the beginning of fall and spring semesters. Additionally, these services can be provided more efficiently for customers and staff by using the online capabilities of the AIMS system.