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Bulk Trash Pilot Program – March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021

In January 2020, the Mayor and Council adopted Ordinance 20-O-01 which made changes to the collection of Special Trash. It prohibits the placement of materials at properties that did not generate the materials; sets fees for collection and fees for Refuse, Recycling and Yard Waste receptacles; and sets penalties for violations.

During the pilot program, The Department of Public Works is tracking all bulk trash items collected. Residents may receive correspondence from the City regarding this, it is not a bill, but instead should be used to help inform you of how many items we have picked up and how many collections you have had. During this time you may have many questions, please reach out to This is a learning process and your feedback is welcome.

In its final form, this Ordinance includes the following provisions:

For a single-family, owner-occupied residence: Up to four bulky refuse collections per calendar year, with a maximum total of 20 bulky refuse items, will be free of charge to the resident.
For a single-family rental property that pays for City trash services: Up to four bulky refuse collections per calendar year, with a maximum total of 29 bulky refuse items, will be free of charge.

For quantities and/or frequency more than stated above, a $20 collection fee per item over the allowable number of items will be imposed.
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1 Comment

  1. Ben

    In it’s current form I think this is a very poor plan. I had one bulk pickup this year, which was to remove some wood from around a garden bed (A tree in the middle of it was removed by the city this year because it was not healthy). The sample bill I received said that there ware 30 pieces of bulk items that were picked up (which means 30 pieces of wood in this case). The peices were not very big or overly bulky at all. According to these new rules, my one pickup would cost me $200 out of pocket because it went 10 items over my 20 item limit. I understand that some people have taken advantage of the system in the past, and that needs to change, but this new program is ridiculous and the costs are excessive. This policy does not take into account the fact that one 2′ long piece of wood is not the same level of effort to remove as a truly large and bulky item. I think what is likely to happen is that people are going to dump trash on common areas instead of having to pay to remove them from in front of their yard, which is something that is much worse for your city than the system that existed previously.

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