Recently, we’ve been noticing an increasing number of bulk trash items being left on the street curbsides. These items include mattresses, televisions, and furniture many days in advance of trash pickup. Dumping is also commonplace on some streets. Dirt, large branches and most recently household garbage have been dumped along with other bulk items.

The City collects these bulk trash items for free on Thursday (sometime on Friday) of the week. Residents are however required to leave the bulk trash items no more than 24 hours before Thursday of the week and also call Public Works to arrange a pickup. We’ve been seeing these bulk items often many days before Thursday, sometimes during weekends. Often, we do not think some residents are calling in for pick up at all. It’s quite possible that residents are not aware of these bulk trash pick up laws.

You can find more information about bulk trash pickup services in College Park here on City’s website.

In order to improve the situation, the City Council will discuss the issue with staff from Public Works at this week’s Council meeting.
Bulk trash left on a City street